What Is Next Week’s ‘X Factor UK’ Theme?

Next week’s theme will be Fright Night!

Fright Night will be the theme of next week’s live shows. While the jukebox is “supposed” to choose randomly, it doesn’t come as a huge shock that fright night was chosen in honor of the Halloween holiday. Other themes that have the chance to be picked in upcoming weeks include Louis Loves, Disco, Eighties, Boy band vs. girl band, and Movies.

This week, we heard our favorite X Factor contestants rock out to the theme of “Diva”. Judge Nicole Scherzinger showed everyone what a true star is made of with her musical medley, and was followed by strong performances from Matt Terry, Saara Aalto, and Emily Middlemas. Unfortunately, 5 After Midnight didn’t totally deliver, but last week’s impressive Motown compilation was enough to keep them in the game. When it was all said and done, Relley C was eliminated.

On October 14, The Daily Star published an article reporting that Matt Terry is the favorite to win this year’s competition. BetStars has given him 69/50 odds of taking home the cake, while Honey G is currently at 14/1 odds.

Speaking of Honey G– her presence on the show is continuing to stir the pot. People have spoken out, calling the wannabe X Factor winner “racist” for last week’s Diana Ross interpretation. In a strange turn of events, rapper 50 Cent has inserted himself into the conversation, saying Honey G haters are “crazy”. 50 told the Daily Star that calling Honey G racist is offensive to ‘real victims of racism’ and that she’s just trying to “bring some happiness into the world”.

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