Are Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell Still Engaged & Together?

Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell

Lauren Bushnell and her Bachelor fiance Ben Higgins have been appearing in their own reality show, which focuses on their lives together outside of The Bachelor. However, it's not as easy to separate themselves from the franchise as they had thought. And, when Bachelor host Chris Harrison presents them with the offer to have their wedding featured on in a TV special, Bushnell is excited at the opportunity. Unfortunately, Higgins is a bit hesitant and he soon becomes overwhelmed. In a promo video clip of the upcoming episode, it appears that Higgins tells Bushnell the wedding is off. So, what does this mean? Is the couple still together? The answer is "yes." However, they may not be walking down the aisle any time soon. Friends and fellow Bachelor stars Haley and Emily Ferguson recently revealed to Us Weekly that: I think Ben and Lauren will get married when they're ready. I think right now they need some time to just get to know each other outside of the cameras and outside of the spotlight, just kind of do their own thing. So I think it will take some time ... I think Ben and Lauren will for sure get married eventually — I just don't think it will be anytime soon. For more information on the couple's engagement status and their latest ventures together, click through our gallery of their latest Instagram pics together. (Instagram/LaurenBushnell)

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