Cardi B & Swift on ‘Love & Hip Hop New York’

Cardi B

Cardi B is one of the stars on Love & Hip Hop New York, aka LHHNY, and this season on the show, she is faced with temptation. Inquistr reports that when her producer Swift starts making advances towards her, things get difficult. She tells him that he can go on tour with her as long as he doesn't make moves on her, but the relationship seemed to heat up a little bit. And, on tonight's episode titled "Strawberries," VH1 states that Cardi B and Swift take their relationship to the next level. So, what's the problem? Cardi B has a boyfriend named Tommy who is in jail and who she says she wants to marry. Cardi B has even come under the fire of cyber haters over their relationship. In response, Cardi B posted this message: I see you bitches that used to FUCK WITH MY MAN poppin shit about me, under the comments on GOSSIP SITES ....GET OFF MY PUSSY you salty bitch ....And if you mad now you really going to be mad at my Illiterate snagled tooth ass keep watching I got Sooo much shit coming out you bitches is going to pull out your pussy hairs ....Carry ON. So, will Swift have an effect on Cardi B's relationship with her man Tommy? Get more details on Swift and Tommy in Cardi B's best Instagram pics. (Instagram/IAmCardiB)

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