‘Gilmore Girls’ Netflix Revival: Episode 2 Recap & Spoilers – ‘Spring’

Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls Netflix Episode 2, Gilmore Girls Spring Episode, Gilmore Girls Spring Episode Spoilers, Gilmore Girls Recap


Episode 2 of Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life opens up with Emily and Lorelai in therapy together, barely speaking to each other. The two then turn on the therapist before their session ends. In the next scene, Luke, Lorelai and Rory are checking out the International Food Festival in Stars Hollow. Rory against has to head out on a flight after. In the meantime, she heads over to Lane and her mother, Mrs. Kim’s table.

Soon comes the picnic basket auction and Lorelai decides to big on a basket. And finally, we get to see what Lane’s father looks like as he waves to Lane and Rory from across the festival. Then, Lorelai runs into Jackson, Sookie’s husband. Check out Mr. Kim in the below screenshot photo.

Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls Netflix Episode 2, Gilmore Girls Spring Episode, Gilmore Girls Spring Episode Spoilers, Gilmore Girls Recap


After the festival scene, Rory is shown back in London, continuing to try to nail down a solid job. She sits down for lunch with Logan and the two are interrupted by his father, aka the thorn in Rory’s side. Logan’s dad offers to help Rory book her meeting with Condenast, which keeps getting pushed back. Rory thanks him, but rejects his offer.

In the next scene, a town meeting is taking place. This is where we see Babbett for the first time and Gypsy for the second time. A movie is being filmed in nearby Woodbury and Taylor Dosey wants the town to get in on the action.

One night at Lorelai’s house, Luke’s sister Liz and her husband TJ call and reveal they accidentally joined a vegetable cult.

In the middle of the night, Lorelai wakes up from a dream and calls Rory, who is in London at Logan’s place. Lorelai is worried that Michel will leave the Dragonfly and that the dream she and Sookie had with the Inn will fall apart.

Again we see the ups and downs of Lorelai and Emily’s therapy sessions. This time, Emily recalls a terrible letter that Loreai wrote her on her birthday, but Lorelai insists no letter exists.

Back in London, Rory struggles professionally and offers to stay longer with Logan, but he has another “friend” coming into town, so Rory realizes she cannot stay.

Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls Netflix Episode 2, Gilmore Girls Spring Episode, Gilmore Girls Spring Episode Spoilers, Gilmore Girls Recap


In the next scene, we are back in the Stars Hollow movie theater and Kirk talks about one of the first film shorts he debuted ever in town. Now, he is debuting his second film. As the film airs, Luke receives a phone call from Emily, which he ignores. Emily leaves a message that she wants him to go to her house for dinner that week.

Back at the Inn, Lorelai is missing Michel, who is on the schedule as being on vacation. Lorelai heads into the kitchen where Rachael Ray is cooking up sandwiches. Lorelai vents to her that she worries Michel will leave the Inn. Then, Lorelai tells Rachael that she has to let her go because her pop-up restaurant is unsuccessful.

Luke and Lorelai head to Emily’s for dinner, where Emily tells Luke in private that he needs a will. She then tells Luke that Richard left him a sum of money with the purpose of expanding Luke’s Diner and creating an empire.

Later on in the episode, Rory meets with Chairmaster Charleston, who tells Rory that he’s enjoyed reading her work over the years. Charleston also offers his sympathies when it comes to the death of Grandpa. Rory and Paris hit up Chilton together., going back to Chilton in order to speak to the students at the school about their journeys going forward. Rory’s presentation was full of nostalgia and encouragement while Paris’ made children cry.

Emily and Lorelai, back in therapy, argue over the status of Lorelai’s relationship with Luke because they never married.

Back at Chilton, suddenly Paris becomes unglued and nauseous, running for the bathroom, when she spots former high school crush Tristan. Tristan was not played by original actor Chad Michael Murray. Paris worries she is still in love with Tristan and confesses that her own children like the nanny more than her. Suddenly, former nemesis Francie enters the bathroom and Paris fires off at her. Their interaction concludes with a “screw you” and an “eat me.” When Francie leaves the room, Paris wonders about Doyle and talks about the relationship they had.

Before leaving the school, Headmaster Charleston asks Rory if she would consider getting her Masters Degree and coming back to teach at Chilton. He praises her accomplishments and says that she’s welcome to teach at the school if she chooses. Rory thanks Charleston, but declines his offer before the students from Paris’ lecture head into his office.

Rory and Paris head back to Paris house. As they are chatting, Doyle comes home with the kids and catches up with Rory, who he reveals he keeps in contact with. Paris then asks Rory if she was having an affair with Doyle. Rory offers to babysit their kids and, while sitting, she calls Logan and asks if his father could still put in a good word for her with Condenast. Logan is happy to do so. In the background, we see a woman asleep in his bed. After Rory’s meeting with GQ, she worries that nothing will come of it.

Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls Netflix Episode 2, Gilmore Girls Spring Episode, Gilmore Girls Spring Episode Spoilers, Gilmore Girls Recap


Emily decides that she wants to quit therapy, leaving Lorelai at the therapist’s office. She recalls when Richard passed away, finding out he had a big heart attack and ended up in the ICU. While in the ICU, Lorelai says he was very angry that something like that could take him down. She says his last words were, “Get the hell away from me,” to the nurse. She says that she and her mother never got that sweet “goodbye” moment. Lorelai then talks about her happiness with Luke and begins to look confused.

Back at the diner, Emily shows up to talk about franchising the diner and insists that Luke head out with her and an adviser to check out possible franchise locations. On their outing, Emily reveals to Luke that she stopped going to therapy with Lorelai. When Luke gets home, he asks Lorelai about therapy and she lies to him, saying her mother did most of the talking at the psychiatrist’s office.

After receiving a call from a failed book collaboration, Rory calls GQ and confidently tells them she’ll be working on a story for them … for free. And so, Lorelai joins Rory in the city to do research on Rory’s story. Lorelai gets tired and heads back to the hotel while Rory hangs out with a comic book crowd. She ends up upset and back at the hotel, telling her mother she had a one-night stand with one of the guys in the crowd. Rory then reveals to Lorelai that she has been sleeping with Logan for a long time. Apparently Logan is actually engage to a french heiress, so this is definitely worse than a one-night stand.

Rory worries about her future and her mother lends her advice about life in general.

Rory ends up with an interview at a company called “Sandy Says.” Unfortunately, Rory is thrown off guard by the interviewer’s questions and it doesn’t go well. Rory abruptly bursts into her mother’s house and declares, “Moving home.”

And that’s the end of episode 2.

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