Kate Chastain – ‘Below Deck’ 2016

Kate Chastain

Kate Chastain is a Below Deck veteran on the Bravo network and she is a fan-favorite for her dry wit and one-liners. This season, Kate Chastain surprised viewers by revealing she was in a relationship with a woman and the two are very affectionate. In the past, Chastain has come across cool and collected, so the PDA was refreshing and also shocking for some, in particular, fellow cast member Ben Robinson. Chef Ben Robinson and Chastain are friends, but have had flings in the past. When Chastain's now ex-girlfriend, "Ro" Hernandez, showed up, Robinson was visibly disappointed and uneasy. Fortunately, he decided to make a move on a fellow co-worker named Emily. As for Chastain, her relationship with Ro has actually ended up in handcuffs. For more information on the couple's rocky ending, Chastain's life outside the show, and more, click through our gallery of Chastain's best Instagram pics. (Instagram/kate_chastain)