‘Ladies of London’ Season 3 Cast

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1 Comment

Alison Devine

Bravo, Adela King! You are beautiful in your bravery in sharing you life struggles with substance and suicide. I too am a suicide survivor. Three years ago, completely desperate and drug addicted, I attempted suicide three times. I was so proud of you last night, speaking the truth with esteem and bravery. Although I was a bit disturbed by Juliet’s comments, I inderstand because that used to be me. I believed that anyone who tried to take their own life was a coward. Life has taught me some tough lessons. At the time of my suited attempts, I saw absolutely no other option. I felt backed into a corner. We were both spared for a reason; spread the word that suicide is something that can be survived and that we, as honest women, can continue to tell our stories. Not everyone digs this type of honesty. Some people get turned off and that’s ok. No one walks in your shoes but you. Darling, to me you are a super star and again I congratulate you on your inspiration and strength! God Bless and always keep that conversation open!✨⭐️

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