Madison ‘Maddie’ Brown & Husband Caleb Brush – ‘Sister Wives’

Madison "Maddie" Brown & Husband Caleb Brush

On this season of Sister Wives, Maddie Brown and her now-husband Caleb Brush are followed on their journey to the altar. One big issue with the wedding planning was drinking, as dad Kody Brown explains on the show: Some of the family drinks, some of the family does not drink, OK? Are you going to have a drink limit? Because we don't want it getting funky ... Because about two-thirds doesn't even drink. But that other third would get sloshed. As for what Maddie had to say, she stated that: Yes, there is going to be alcohol at our wedding. Caleb and I both have friends that don't know when a limit is a limit, especially when the alcohol is provided. We wanted to see if we can get a bartender or someone who will monitor, so that if someone's really intoxicated, they don't make a fool of themselves or say something really stupid. Just recently, the couple announced that they are expecting their first child together. Check out their best Instagram photos together in our Mr. and Mrs. Brush gallery. (Instagram/Madison_Rose11)

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