Mary Jo Buttafuoco: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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In 1992, Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s life changed forever when she was shot by Amy Fisher, her husband Joey’s teenage mistress. Tonight is the series premiere of Scandal Made Me Famous and we get an inside look at the incident as well as information on what Mary Jo is up to now. Read on for the facts on Buttafuoco below.

1. Her Face Was Left Partially Paralyzed from the Shooting

Mary Jo Buttafuoco's New Beginning | Where Are They Now | Oprah Winfrey NetworkIt's been 20 years since Amy Fisher, the "Long Island Lolita," shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Now, Mary Jo shares how she's doing today. Find out why her marriage to Joey Buttafuoco ended after 25 years—and how she found love again at 47. Plus, Mary Jo's daughter, Jessica, reveals how the crimes against her mother have…2012-10-10T17:00:25.000Z

When Amy Fisher shot Buttafuoco, the incident took place at Buttafuoco’s Nassau County, New York home. On May 19, 1992, Buttafuoco was shot in the face by Fisher and was left permanently damaged. Her face ended up partially paralyzed and she was deafened in one ear. She underwent several surgeries to widen her ear canal and restore balance in her face. The facial procedures were conducted by facial plastic surgeon Babak Azizzadeh. Fisher also went through rehab and physical therapy to strength her face muscles.

The bullet from the incident remains in Buttafuoco’s neck because surgery would have been too risky, according to People.

2. Buttafuoco Said She Never Saw a Gun When Fisher Shot Her

At the time that Buttafuoco was shot, she didn’t realize that the assailant was a mistress of her husband’s. And, she didn’t even see a gun. On Scandal Made Me Famous, she explained:

I never saw a gun. She didn’t threaten me with anything. I just turned, and I put my hand on the door to open it, and that was the end of it. That was the end of my life as I knew it.

She went on to describe the shooting as this:

I felt that explosion. It felt like someone had taken a bat and hit me, but it didn’t hurt. That’s what was so odd.

3. Her Husband Went to Jail for Statutory Rape

When the shooting occurred, Amy Fisher was just 17 years old, which made her underage. Given that she was the mistress of Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s husband, this was against the law. As a result, Joey Buttafuoco plead guilty to statutory rape and served four months in jail. The couple eventually moved to California, where they divorced in 2003. According to CNN, that same year, Joey Buttafuoco was arrested in an auto insurance fraud operation.

4. Amy Fisher Served 7 Years In Prison For Shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco

After Fisher shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco and pleaded guilty to first-degree assault, she served seven years in prison. Fisher was released in 1999.

Amy Fisher went on to marry and divorce Lou Bellera and she even appeared on reality television to work on her marriage. Fisher also went on to appear in adult films and was a stripper, according to the NY Daily News.

5. In 2012, Mary Jo Buttafuoco Remarried

Almost a decade after her divorce from Joey Buttafuoco, Mary Jo remarried a man named Stu Tendler. TMZ reported that she got married using her maiden name Mary Jo Connery and the couple got married in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The NY Daily News reported that Tendler is a print shop manager, who is originally from Queens. The couple married in the Always & Forever chapel

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