‘Catching Kelce’ Finale Winner: Who Won Travis’ Heart Tonight?


On the finale of Catching Kelce, there were four women left on the show – Veronica Harwood, Lauren Schwab, Avery Schlereth and Maya Benberry. But, there could only be one girl in Travis Kelce’s life. The girl who ended up with Kelce was … Maya Benberry.

After Veronica had a sleep-over date with star Travis Kelce, it was all that some girls could think about, specifically Avery.

One big factor in Kelce’s decision-making was knowing that his family was fond of his girlfriend, but there were mixed feelings about who was the best fit for Kelce. Even so, Kelce had to eliminate one of the four remaining girls a half hour into the finale. When asking the girls about their ideas of a future with him, Kelce got very similar answers about strength, commitment and connection. Veronica was the first contestant revealed as safe from elimination, followed by Maya. This meant that Lauren and Avery were on the chopping block. Kelce told contestant Lauren that they had a spark from the beginning, but he lately felt they were playing catch up. As for Avery, he wanted to know what she was feeling and she said she was very happy that she came on this show and met him. Kelce then told the cameras, after hearing Avery’s words, “This changes everything.” This meant that Lauren was sent home.

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The three remaining cast members jumped on a jet, headed to Kansas City, the next day after elimination. The girls get an inside look at what life would be like if they got into a serious one-on-one relationship with Kelce as he took them each on a solo date. Avery gets the first date and Maya voices to the cameras that Avery is not as emotionally invested as she and Veronica are … and the girls certainly aren’t happy to see Avery return from her date in the morning … wearing Kelce’s shirt. Even though Avery puts her guard up a bit on their date, the two share a great amount of chemistry and end up making out in a water fountain.

The second date went to Veronica and the date began in the day time with a tour of the town. The date made Kelce feel like he was with “his girl.” After a tour, the two of them hit up a local bar to try some drinks. Kelce tells the cameras that he knows Veronica is there for him, which he said made him look at the other two girls differently. On their date, Veronica ends up telling Kelce that she has doubts about Avery’s true intentions on the show.

After his date with Veronica, Kelce decides he needs to talk to Avery. After their chat, he decides to let her go, saying that he doesn’t see she has the same deep feelings that the other girls have for him.

Maya got the final date and the chemistry between the two of them was undeniable as Maya told the cameras that she was going to make the night one to remember. But, when Maya rolls in the next morning, she denies having sex with Kelce.

When going over his two remaining girls, Kelce realizes that Maya has a lot of the same qualities as one of his ex-girlfriends. At the same time, he feels that she is his type. As for Veronica, Kelce feels a great connection and says he can see marrying her one day. Kelce says he sees a future with both girls.

But, in the end, only one girl could be chosen.

Kelce told Maya that he’d been attracted to overly confident girls like her his entire life and that sometimes her confidence comes off as arrogance. It appeared that Kelce had chosen Veronica until he said he had to follow his heart and he picked Maya as the winner.

To the cameras, Veronica gives Kelce two middle fingers and tells him that Maya will just end up screwing him over in the long-run.

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