Mohamed Jbali & Ex-Wife Danielle Mullins: ’90 Day Fiance’

Mohamed Jbali & Ex-Wife Danielle Mullins

On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Mohamed Jbali and estranged wife Danielle Mullins get into some low blows on tonight's tell-all episode. On the show, we've seen the couple struggle as Danielle felt Mohamed simply used her for a green card. When Mohamed decided to no longer be with Danielle, he moved to Florida and became panicked as well as hostile, especially when Danielle found out his new address. Danielle said that Mohamed promised to remain friends with her if she called off their annulment, so she did. However, Mohamed's harsh words and actions proved otherwise. On tonight's tell-all show, Mohamed reveals details about the ex-couple's intimacy, or lack there-of. Click through our gallery of Jbali's best Facebook pics. His Instagram account has been set to private. (Facebook)

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