Mykelti Brown & Fiance Antonio ‘Tony’ Padron – ‘Sister Wives’

Mykelti Brown & Tony Padron

Mykelti Brown is one of the daughters of Kody Brown from Sister Wives and this season, we see her racing to the altar. Currently, she has been with her fiance Tony for a little over a year and on the show, dad Kody tells Tony that he is not ready to marry his daughter. Despite this, the couple gets engaged anyway and they clearly are eager to tie the knot so they can consummate the marriage. For more information on the couple, click through our gallery of their best Instagram pics together. (Instagram/MykeltiB)

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Could not stand that dude Tony. He was disrespectful- not to be trusted! There is something off with this guy- seems mean- demanding! Do not allow or let her marry this creep. If he really loved her- he’d wait another few months but he is refusing. Stating that Cody should take out a second mortgage on his home for them was disgusting!


I agree with you 100%!!! Tony was VERY Disrespectful and something is wrong with him. This is a bad situation all-around!!

Cindy Mock

Agree 100%. He’s disrespectful, immature. Something is off about the guy. Divorce is in Mykelti’s future.


Totally agree I felt his interview remarks were very disrespectful, makes me worry he will always talk behind the back of the family and cloud her mind as she seems a little star struck. I hope it ends well but he seems a bit rude and entitled assuming money grows on trees that isn’t his.

Jess d.

The whole second mortgage thing literally made my blood boil! But then I realized these are two very young human beings who still have a lot of growing and maturing to do. I am watching the follow-up episode now and it seems more like Mykelti is the demanding one. I am just puzzled..what was the point in her having Tony ask for her father’s blessing if they are just going to completely disregard his guidance? UGH silly kids.


I don’t know about “gaydar”, but my “dangerous, weirdo-dar” is going off.

Panda Barnum

This is crazy. Nor enough time. And he seems kind of weird. I love your family. But too soon

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