Niall Horan: Top 10 Instagram Photos

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Niall Horan will be performing solo at the 2016 American Music Awards tonight, and everyone's wondering the same thing: Will he run into former bandmate Zayn Malik, who's also set to attend? In the past, the two have gone to the awards show together-- 1D has been nominated for 10 American Music Awards, and they've also performed at the AMAs together on three different occasions. Tonight, Niall is flying solo, and will be singing his new song "This Town". When news broke that the 23-year-old would be taking on the AMA stage, Niall made his way to Twitter to write, "Absolutely delighted to be performing 'This Town'". Click through our gallery to check out some of Niall's best pics, and to learn more about his career. (Instagram/NiallHoran)