Paola Mayfield – ’90 Day Fiance’ Instagram


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emm ess

At least she is more believable and respectful than that Russian chick with the duck lips (do they have magic mirrors in Russia?)…..then there is …Matt and Alla..what a joke…. he’s going to marry her even when she said I don”t love you and I cannot say if I will ever say those words to you. Sooo…when they get to the part ..will you love, honor, etc…she will be lying..All she wants is a free pass to the US so she can bring her sister..who is her only family boohoo..she definitely had an agenda..the only believable couple is Alexei & Loren..they seem to truly love each other. My concern with this show is..with all the terrorist treats we have in this country..we need to exercise caution as to who is being let in and for what reason..


Adult videos is the only thing she must get qualify for. Is there anything left to discuss?

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