Shelley Duval: Photos of the Actress Then and Now

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1974. Many remember Shelley Duvall for her leading roles in cult films like ‘The Shining’, ‘Annie Hall’, and ‘Popeye’. Duvall, once a talented actress taking Hollywood by storm, will sit down with Dr. Phil today to discuss what she says is a struggle with mental illness. During the interview, the now 67-year-old point-black tells Dr. Phil, “I’m very sick, I need help.” These days, Duvall lives in the small, secluded town of Blanco, Texas, where neighbors describe her as an odd woman who appears “out of touch with reality.” In her interview with Dr. Phil, she goes as far as claiming that she doesn’t believe Robin Williams, who she starred opposite in Popeye, is dead. Click through our gallery to learn more about Duvall’s illustrious film career and life today, and to view pictures of the actress over the years. (Youtube/ShelleyDuvall)

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