Sherien Almufti – Apollo Nida’s Reported Fiancee

Sherien Almufti

On Real Housewives of Atlanta this season, we see Phaedra Parks trying to move on with her divorce from ex-husband Apollo Nida. But, it looks like Nida isn't letting prison slow him down as he is reported to have already gotten engaged. Sherien Almufti, a realtor and real estate investor, has been posting adoring photos of Nida all over her Instagram. TMZ reported that Nida actually started dating Almufti two years ago before he went away to prison. The couple got engaged a couple months ago. Almufti is reported to be living in New Jersey and visits Nida twice a week while he is serving his eight-year sentence. TMZ also reports that Almufti and Nida may be present on this season of RHOA. Viewers will just have to wait and find out what will actually happen on the show. For more information on Almufti, Parks and Nida, click through our gallery of Almufti's best Instagram pics. (Instagram/QueenSherien)