‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 3 Episode 9 ‘The Wynkahthu Job’: Recap & Spoilers

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After a rather silly episode that introduced yet another young kid who didn’t listen to his elders, Star Wars Rebels gets back to serious business in “The Wynkahthu Job.” In the episode, our heroes decide to work with a group of pirates to obtain an abandoned freighter full of weapons. It won’t be an easy job, especially when you’re working with Hondo.

We last saw Hondo Ohnaka in the Season Three premiere, “Steps Into Shadow.” The character made his first appearance during The Clone Wars and frequently got in the way of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. In Rebels, he’s befriended Ezra, but usually gets him into trouble, too.

Here’s a look at all the action in “The Wynkahthu Job.”


Hondo’s Back to His Old Tricks Again

Hondo's Tale – The Wynkahthu Job Preview | Star Wars RebelsIn this clip from the Star Wars Rebels episode, "The Wynkahthu Job," Ezra and Zeb eagerly listen to the story behind pirate Hondo Ohnaka's latest endeavor. Watch Star Wars Rebels every Saturday at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Disney XD. Watch Rebels Recon at youtube.com/playlist?list… Watch The Star Wars Show at youtube.com/playlist?list… Visit Star Wars at…2016-11-21T22:00:02.000Z

At the start of the episode, Ezra begs the rest of the Ghost team to trust him as they head on another mission with Hondo. “When have I asked you to trust me and it hasn’t worked out?” “Like half the time,” Sabine shoots back.

Hondo is on the other side of the door and steps in. Zeb reminds Hondo (and the audience) why everyone but Ezra doesn’t care for the pirate – he left them on that Imperial station in “Steps Into Shadow.” But Ezra says it all worked out in the end. “Of course it did, because Hondo always delivers,” Hondo says.

The new job with Hondo will include his new partner, Azmorigan, who we haven’t seen since “Brothers of the Broken Horn” in season two. (He was also featured in “Idiot’s Array,” which saw the Ghost team meet Lando Calrissian.) Hondo insists that their new plan will help the Rebellion.

After the title, Hera says she will refuse to let Azmorigan – who tried to buy her, remember – on her ship. Kanan tries to diffuse the situation by telling them that he’s ready to hear out the plan. Hondo says he is “promising all the weapons you can carry” that are unguarded. Hera still won’t take the bait, but Hondo assures them that the weapons cache includes proton bombs. Hera finally agrees to follow Hondo and Azmorigan to wherever these weapons are.

Hondo leads them to the planet Wynkahthu, where Hondo spotted an abandoned Imperial freighter that’s stuck in an atmospheric storm. Azmorigan obtained the manifest, which lists several proton bombs. If they don’t get to the ship soon, it will be swallowed by the storm and be lost. The Rebels will get the weapons and Hondo gets the stolen treasure that’s on the ship.

When Kanan asks why he thinks they can save the ship when the Empire didn’t, Hondo reminds them that they are desperate. Hera reluctantly agrees that they can’t miss the opportunity. However, they have to figure out how to get the cargo off the ship, which will be difficult because of the storm. They enlist the droid AP, since he formerly served on a freighter like this one. Hera tells AP to work with Zeb on a plan, which surprises Ezra. Ezra thinks Hera put Zeb in charge so she and Kanan can keep an eye on him when Hondo’s around.

In the atmosphere of Wynkahthu, Hera moves the Ghost to hover over the freighter. As she does so, AP tells them that they only have a 38.5 percent chance of succeeding with his plan. That plan is sending Zeb, Hondo, Ezra and Chopper to the ship to get the cargo before it sinks into the storm. Unfortunately, Azmorigan insists on coming because he thinks Hondo will cheat him out of the treasure and he has the manifest. Ezra agrees to keep an eye on Azmorigan while they are on the freighter. Sabine will wait on the Ghost.

The Truth Is Smellier Than Fiction

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Chopper has to return power to the cargo hold for them to have access to it, so Zeb, Hondo, Ezra and Azmorigan snoop around the ship. Azmorigan is sure that he saw something move and it appears that there is someone onboard, who attacks Hondo. It’s a smelly Ughnaught named Melch who was a member of Hondo’s crew. Hondo insists that the reason he’s not with his crew is boring, but Zeb stops him. Now is the perfect time to hear the story.

It turns out that Azmorigan came to Hondo with news of an Imperial freighter without an escort passing by Wynkahthu. So, Hondo and his crew attacked the ship, but it got stuck in the storm. However, his Ugnaught crew still wanted to go after the ship. Rather than stay and help them, Hondo and Azmorigan jetted off and ran off to get help from the Ghost team. Apparently, Hondo only agreed to give Melch 1 percent of the treasure, but now he’ll give him 2 percent and he will help out.

Zeb is annoyed by all this, because Hondo once again lied to them… from a certain point of view, as Obi-Wan would say. Hondo says he just left out some of the truth. “Some of the truth is better than none of the truth, which is what you used to get. So, don’t try and tell me that I have not grown,” Hondo says.

After that, they head to the cargo hold as the storm outside gets worse. Once they open it (with Chopper’s help, although an impatient Ezra used his lightsaber to cut open the door), Azmorigan and Hondo run off to their treasure while Ezra and Zeb work on getting the proton bombs out. The two criminals argue over what’s there, while Chopper gets the main cargo hold door open. Unfortunately, the winds are far too strong to use magnets to lift the bombs and get them onto the Ghost, so they have to use a winch.

During this process, they realize that Azmorigan is out somewhere on the ship. Zeb heads out to find him, but runs into a menacing droid.

Every Man – And Droid – For Himself

Dark Trooper Project (Legends) – Star Wars MinuteLearn about the Dark Trooper Project, the Empire's attempt at battle droids. Learn the different phases of the project and how it was eliminated by Kyle Katarn. Learn more: starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Trooper_Project — Subscribe for more Star Wars videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! — Twitter: twitter.com/starwars_min Facebook: facebook.com/starwarsinaminute Google+: goo.gl/Q3gDkY2015-05-15T15:00:00.000Z

This operation is getting worse all the time! Now the ship is without its stabilizers and is going to fall into the storm, taking Ezra with it. They haven’t heard back from Zeb or Azmorigan, who are stuck in a holding cell. They ran into an Imperial sentry droid, one that AP forgot to warn them about. When Chopper turned on the power, it reactivated the droid. AP’s advice is to not engage the sentry droid. “The consequences could be problematic.”

It’s up to Ezra and Chopper to find the cells, which Chopper leads him to. They quickly free Zeb and Azmorigan, but the droid is still roaming the ship. When they see the droid, Zeb wants to let it pass, but Azmorigan gets anxious, grabs Ezra’s blaster and destroys it. AP comes on the comm to explain why destroying the droid was a bad idea: all of the other sentries wake up. Now that have four after them instead of one!

By the way, it’s so cool to see the sentries look similar to the Dark Troopers that were in the Dark Forces games starring Kyle Katarn. These stories are no longer canon, but it’s just another example of “Legends” concepts living on.

Meanwhile, the wind is battering the Ghost and the sentries are chasing Zeb and Ezra into the cargo hold. All they have to do is jump onto the Ghost, but Hondo won’t leave without his treasure. Hondo decides to use one of the treasure crates as a ride along the strings to the Ghost, and Azmorigan hops onto some bombs. Both get there safely, but Ezra and Zeb are still blasting away at the droids. Chopper says “Every man for himself” (yes, even though he’s a droid) and flies out to the Ghost.

Zeb and Ezra jump onto the last load of bombs and it looks like they are safe… until the sentries start shooting at the wire! The two hang on for dear life, but thanks to their teamwork, they save each other and climb up the wire just as the Imperial freighter is pulled into the storm. Kanan helps Sabine get the two of them onboard and they got out of the storm.

Back on the ship, Hera congratulates everyone for a job well done, while Hondo and Azmorigan argue over their single crate of treasure. And yet… the only thing inside the crate is Melch! Hondo still tries to look on the bright side.

“This is better… because… friendship is the greatest treasure,” Hondo says.

“Do you really mean that?” Ezra asks.

“Mostly,” Hondo says as Melch punches him in the gut.

The episode ends with Azmorigan insisting that he now gets 50 percent of Melch.

What’s Next For the Ghost Crew

VideoVideo related to ‘star wars rebels’ season 3 episode 9 ‘the wynkahthu job’: recap & spoilers2016-11-26T20:57:04-05:00

The next episode of Star Wars Rebels is “An Inside Man,” which airs on December 3. “Seeking information on a new Imperial weapon, Ezra and Kanan infiltrate the Imperial factory on Lothal, but must trust an unlikely ally to escape a lockdown,” reads the episode description.

“The Wynkahthu Job” turned out to be another diversion from more serious topics like the Force and facing Grand Admiral Thrawn, but it was still a fun reunion with Hondo. However, these past couple of episodes have felt like filler. After all, Darth Maul is still out there and we haven’t heard from him since “Holocrons of Fate.” Maul isn’t supposed to be in another episode until “Visions and Voices,” which airs on December 10. Both “Iron Squadron” and “The Wynkahthu Job” didn’t really push the story of Ezra any further.

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