Louise Linton: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Louis Linton, Steve Mnuchin fiancee

Louise Linton pictured in July 2014. (Getty)

The wife of Trump’s pick for Treasury Secretary wrote a memoir in 2016 about her time in Africa that was regarded as telling the story of a “white savior.” Scottish actress Louise Linton, 35, has been engaged to former Goldman Sachs partner Steven Mnuchin since November 2015. A year later, it was announced that Mnuchin was U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to become U.S. Treasury Secretary. This comes after Trump vilified Goldman Sachs during his controversial campaign. Along with Mnuchin, Politico reports that Trump is considering Goldman Sachs executive Gary Cohn to head up the Office of Management and Budget.

Here’s what you need to know about the love Steven Mnuchin’s life:

1. Linton Took the Time to Criticize an Instagram Follower’s Wealth & Lifestyle in August 2017

Louise Linton Instagram posts

Instagram/Louise Linton

On August 21, Linton posted a photo of her and her husband arriving in Kentucky on Instagram. In the caption of the picture, Linton name dropped the high-end fashion labels she was wearing. One follower, Jenni Miller, a mother of three from Portland, Oregon, took issue with the post writing, “Glad we could pay for your little getaway. #deplorable.”

Linton opted not to ignore the remark and called out Miller for her lack of money saying:

Aw!!! Did you think this was a personal trip?! Adorable! Do you think the US govt paid for our honeymoon or personal travel?! Lololol. Have you given more to the US economy than me and my husband?

… You’re adorably out of touch… your life looks cute… Go chill out and watch the new game of thrones. It’s fab!

Miller later told the New York Times, “If she hadn’t made her account private, I would have written back with a very snide Marie Antoinette joke. I think my post was just five or six words, and she had to go on basically a rant about it to make herself look more important and look smarter, better, richer — all those things.” The Oregon-registered Democrat added, “It seems like she’s been in public life for a long time. It just seemed wholly inappropriate.”

2. Linton’s Memoir Widely Panned After She Was Accused of Lying About Her Interactions With Rebels

Actress Writes BS Memoir About Year In ZambiaScottish actress Louise Linton recently wrote a memoir about her time in Zambia. The problem is it seems like she made most of it up. Also, racism. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. "A Scottish actress is trying…2016-07-07T04:30:01.000Z

On her official website, Linton says that after boarding school, she went to work “as a volunteer in Northern Zambia.” She had told Scottish tabloid, the Daily Record, in May 2014:

I went to Africa for six months in my gap year and had a harrowing experience. I was volunteering in a small village at the southern end of Lake Tanganyika.

My mum had done a lot of missionary work long before she passed away and I carried the torch for her and went to northern Zambia. It was extremely remote with no communication with the outside world and I had to do a lot of fishing for my own food.

In July 2016, the Daily Telegraph published a passage from Linton’s memoir of her time working in the African country of Zambia. The passage has since been deleted from the Telegraph’s website. It was titled, “How my dream gap year in Africa turned into a nightmare.”

On Amazon, the book is described as, “The inspiring memoir of an intrepid teenager who abandoned her privileged life in Scotland to travel to Zambia as a gap year student where she found herself inadvertently caught up on the fringe of the Congolese War.”

Almost immediately after the excerpt was posted, BBC Africa journalist, Victoria Uwonkunda, tweeted, “The ridiculousness and exaggeration of this tale from “long angel haired” Brit in #Africa is as unimaginative as anything I’ve read lately.”

An anecdote that Linton tell regarding her camp, where she worked with orphans, being raided by rebels from neighboring Congo was widely disputed and discredited, according to Buzzfeed. The Buzzfeed piece also says that the Daily Telegraph piece was written by Linton’s co-author, Wendy Holden.

Meanwhile, a Facebook post from Gerard Zytkow, a business owner who lived close to where Linton had been living, detailed how the only Congolese rebels he encountered were ones who came to surrender. He added that the rebels “were tired, hungry and thirsty.”

Other major flaws in the book included the notion that Congo was embroiled in a Hutu/Tutsi conflict, when in reality that happened in Rwanda. Linton also said that she suffered through “monsoon season” in Zambia, a weather system that the country does not have. Another point that was made by Twitter user @TwentyKwacha noted that Zambia doesn’t have “dense jungle,” as was described in Linton’s book.

The incident spawned the hashtag “LintonLies.” In Congo’s Shadow has largely negative reviews on Amazon.

The Times in London later reported that Linton was going to donate all of the profits from the book to a charity in the wake of the controversy.

3. Despite Her Apparent Love of Animals, Linton Can’t Identify With the Animal Rights Movement Because ‘They Are So Far Left of Center’

Louise Linton Steven Mnuchin


On her Instagram page, Linton describes herself as a, “law school grad, author, actress, founder of Stormchaser Films, passionate about art, literature, and animal rescue.”

While one of her listed quotes on IMDb is:

What I have come to learn is that politicians rarely vote on the issue or the ethics; they vote politically, to appease one interest group or another. Sadly, the animal rights groups are generally construed as tree-hugging extremists with whom no one can identify because they are so far left of center.

Her charitable efforts are also detailed on LinkedIn where Linton says she is a “Trustee for Fettes College; an Ambassador for Erskine Wounded Warriors Scotland; an Ambassador for the Scottish Butterfly Trust for Cystic Fibrosis; Ambassador for Mutt Match Animal Rescue; Ambassador for PAL ‘Protecting African Lions’; and Brand Ambassador for British watch company, Kennett.”

VideoVideo related to louise linton: 5 fast facts you need to know2016-11-30T15:32:49-05:00

Linton says on her LinkedIn page that she is a graduate of Pepperdine University and is the part-owner of Stormchaser Films.

She writes, “After graduating law school in October 2012, [Linton] formed Stormchaser Films, an independent motion picture production company focused on script and concept acquisition, development, production and finance.”

Linton is also working towards completing her pilot’s license. Linton told Locale Magazine about her pursuits in 2014 saying:

I’m trying to finish my pilot’s license at the moment and it’s been an ongoing thing for about five years and I’ve meant to take my check-ride on numerous occasions but for some reason I always get too busy, but I find flight very liberating and I enjoy flying and I enjoy the engineering especially in really large aircrafts. Even if I can understand the mechanics, it’s still miraculous in my eyes.

In terms of acting, Linton’s IMDb page says she has worked the Lifetime TV biopic William & Kate, Robert Redford movie, Lions for Lambs as well as the upcoming Warren Beatty film, Rules Don’t Apply. Steve Mnuchin is listed as a producer on that movie. Linton has also had roles in CSI: NY and Cold Case.

Linton told Locale Magazine that Pretty Woman is her favorite movie. The Los Angeles Times has described her as having “an appealing screen presence.”

While in 2009, Linton was voted as Scotland’s Most Stylish Woman. Linton described her style in an interview with Maxim saying, “I don’t even know where I get my style from. I suppose just from all the traveling I’ve done. I’m a big fan of modern art, so I appreciate it; the aesthetic beauty of simplicity. Maybe I draw my appreciation from art.”

4. Linton Said in 2014 That if She Was Invisible for the Day She’d Follow Her Boyfriend Around to See if He Talked About Her

Louise Linton on CSI NYLouise Linton's debut on CSI NY2007-04-03T06:10:45.000Z

During an August 2014 interview with Locale Magazine, Linton said that if she was invisible, she would, “sit with my boyfriend or follow him around and see what his day is like when I’m not with him and see if he talks about me.”

The Hollywood Reporter says that Linton and Mnuchin are regulars at Sunset Boulevard eatery Tower Bar.

That piece also says that the couple celebrated their November 2015 engagement at “a champagne-and-caviar party in the flower-filled Crystal Ballroom at the Beverly Hills Hotel.” Linton also told Locale Magazine that champagne is the one thing that she can’t resist.

5. Linton Was Brought Up in a ‘Haunted’ Castle in Scotland

Louise Linton Steven Mnuchin Wife


In May 2015, Linton told the Daily Record in Scotland that she grew up in Melville Castle in Dalkeith, Scotland. She told the newspaper of her belief that the castle is haunted saying:

The castle is definitely haunted and many people have claimed to see a ghost. Many have even claimed its Mary Queen of Scots because it’s where she had her romance with David Rizzio. They actually planted three oaks trees, which are remarkably still on the property.

I think that’s quite romantic. Others say she is a woman named Elizabeth. People see her in room 108 or in the library bar. I was too scared to ever be alone in the castle as a child because of the ghost, so thankfully I never met her, but I know people who did!

All the stories are amazing. She is said to appear in the autumn and winter, and always in the afternoon – when there’s still daylight.

Linton was born in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh. During a separate May 2014 interview with the Daily Record, Linton said, “I do have to pinch myself. Growing up in Edinburgh was wonderful and I have such a fondness for my home city but it’s great to be doing what I’ve always wanted to do.”

According to her IMDb page, while growing up in Scotland, Linton attended the same boarding school as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Linton told the Daily Record that while she attended the school, Fettes College, the Queen of England came to one of her school plays.

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