When Is the Premiere of ‘The Bachelor’ 2017?

Nick Viall is The Bachelor 2017 in the season 21 edition of the long-running hit dating show. And, the premiere is getting closer every day. So, when is the new season starting? What can viewers look forward to? Read on for the details on episode 1 of the new season, along with some spoilers. Again, beware of spoilers towards the bottom of the page.

PREMIERE DATE: January 2, 2017

TV CHANNEL: ABC Network – Click here to access the ABC channel finder and locate your local station.
HOST: Chris Harrison
STAR: Nick Viall, 36, a software sales executive and lately, a model, who has been the runner-up twice on The Bachelorette. In addition, he failed to find true love on Bachelor in Paradise. He has gone from villain to love interest in his Bachelor journey and has landed his dream role – The Bachelor. Do you think Nick is in it for the long haul with whoever he chooses? Reality Steve has his theories, writing that:

Nick is all about Nick. Always has been. He’s got a very healthy ego that’s increased ten fold since he began in this franchise. He’s even admitted it in past interviews that he knows he can be an a**hole at times. He’s relishing being the “Bachelor.” He’s wanted this role for three years now. So the “awww shucks” attitude is an act. The guy moved to LA and has been taking acting classes.

Viall was announced as the new star on August 30, 2016.

SPOILERS: Let’s get into a few early spoilers for the show. Reality Steve has reported that the First Impression Rose goes to a girl named Rachel Lindsay. As for the overnight dates and final rose ceremony location go, they are reported to be taking place in Finland.

🌹 It's official! @nickviall is #TheBachelor! 🌹

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Typical Bachelor. Go for what is in front of you, without ant thought of the woman who woyld be there for you when you’re old and needy. These temporary women, with their botox and fillerst at 25 to 40,..are empty women. Or whatever


Nick is the worse choice — what is the matter with you people– he is a real looooserrr . There certainly are better men in the world to chose from. I for one will NOT BE WATCHING THIS SEASON!!!! after many many years of hanging in there!! He is wasting all your time and the women’s too– you will see– disaster coming. Spending all that time and $$$ on a real looser!!! Nancy


Totally agree. One season I will not have to watch. I have had more than enough of Nick on his previous seasons.


I totally agree I can’t stand nick ! He seems so fake and in it for just the publicity and whatever he can gain ! Bachelor in paradise really turned me off to him when he claimed he loved that girl (forgot her name ) and blew her away ! I will watch but regretfully wishing they chose much more genuine people !

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