‘The Voice’ Results 2016: Top 12 Contestants Revealed Live – Season 11

'The Voice' Top 12 for Season 11

On tonight's episode of "The Voice" 2018, we find out who was eliminated and who was saved by the votes and judges to move on to the Top 12, all live. With the election taking over your television tomorrow night, the network has decided to have the top 20 perform and get narrowed down by America's votes all in one live episode. This means some of your favorites may go home. Tune in here for the minute-to-minute results, live recap and details on which contestants make it through to the top 12 by clicking through our gallery as they are announced.

Alicia Keys' team was up first to give fans some background on who's left on her team. Keys' performers then went on to perform, starting with Christian Cuevas singing the song "Yesterday." Contestant Kylie Rothfield was up next, performing the song "I Can't Get No Satisfaction." And then the rest of Keys' team members went on to perform as well. The next team up was Team Blake and Dana Harper was the first to perform with the song "Man-Eater." Next up with a country performance was contestant Austin Allsup, followed by Jason Warrior who really worked the stage and had the judges going crazy in excitement. The remaining contestants on Shelton's team then performed. Once both teams had performed, the judges got to choose contestants to save. Alicia Keys decided to pick Sa'Rayah to move forward in the competition with Christian Cuevas and We McDonald. Team Miley Cyrus was next up and Sophia Urista opened up the performances in a sparkling, sequined jumpsuit, singing "If You Think I'm Sexy" by Rod Stewart. The performances from Team Miley continued. Soon, the results from Blake Shelton's performers were announced and once Team Miley was done with their performances, the final team was able to step up - Team Adam. First up to perform on Adam Levine's team was Brendan Fletcher. Our favorite of Levine's remaining team members was crooner Riley Elmore, the teen who captures us with his effortless vocals. Tonight, he performed the song "Luck Be Lady." Soon, more contestants were announced as safe. America saved, from Team Miley Cyrus, Aaron Gibson, followed by Ali Caldwell. This meant that Cyrus had to pick one more contestant to save from her remaining three team members. The contestant she picked was ... Darby Walker. Finally, Adam Levine had to face the music with his contestants. The first contestant announced as safe was Billy Gilman. Next up, was Josh Gallagher, which meant Levine had his final pick, who was Brendan Fletcher. (NBC)

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