Twitter Voters Pick ‘Mean Girls’ Regina George Over Trump or Clinton

Regina George, Regina George actress, Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams, who played Regina George, cannot become president. She was born in Canada. (Getty)

After a heated election, Twitter users tried their best to make light of Election Day by voting for Mean Girls characters Regina George or Cady Heron. In fact, Regina George has been trending on the social network all day, even though they are both fictional and not really on the ballot. That doesn’t stop a good Twitter gag though.

Many Twitter users explained why they would pick Regina (Rachel McAdams in the movie) over Cady (Lindsay Lohan). Some want to vote for Cady because she pushed Regina into a bus, but others want to vote for Regina because she got hit by the bus.

Whichever way you go though, one thing is for sure: Fetch still isn’t going to happen. Also, if Regina was born in the same country as the actress who played her, Rachel McAdams, she could not become president. McAdams, who just starred in Doctor Strange, was born in Canada.

Here’s some of the best Twitter jokes about Regina George on Election Day.

This Twitter user wants to remind you that Regina has ruined people’s lives.

This Twitter user knows which character Trump and Clinton supporters would vote for.

This person is stunned by Twitter users.

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