What Did Michonne See at the End of ‘The Walking Dead’?

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What did Michonne see at the end of The Walking Dead? (AMC/The Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead had an extra long episode that ended with a scene that left fans a little confused. Michonne saw something at the very end that seemed to really shake her up. This post contains spoilers through Season 7 Episode 4 “Service.”

Here’s what you need to know.

At the very end of the episode, Michonne came across something that was hard to identify, but seemed to make her upset. It looked like a crumbled building or a stack of something burning, perhaps something that had recently been demolished. 

It turns out that the scene is a lot simpler than it appeared.

Michonne saw a stack of burning mattresses at the end of the episode. Negan’s crew didn’t even need the mattresses that they took from Alexandria. They just took almost everyone’s mattresses, dumped them down the road, and set them on fire. The whole trip wasn’t about Negan’s group needing anything, but it was all about psychological torture and breaking people’s wills.

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I think “A” is for anonymous. You have no identity if you are not Neegan.


I’m sorry but the they have turned Rick into a WUS and the show no longer holds my attentio because of it. A man with a bat? Really??? The Governor had a tank. Someone please tell me that my favorite show hasn’t went to crap like I have seen so far.


Also, what you saw is stoking the fire. Do you really think anyone would be interested in a show where a man who had brass balls never caved? Conversely, do you think a show would continue to hold viewers interest if that same man was left demoralized and never changed again? They’re showing us just how evil this man is, and what Rick is going to need to do now in order to not only survive, but win. If you’re really such a fan of the show, you will have more faith in it than your comment demonstrates.

Adam Carlton

Are you really this stupid? It’s all part of the narrative and what makes Negan such an amazing villain. Yes the governor had a tank and brute force, but Negan has an army. He instills fear and psychological trauma into anyone that doesn’t immediately follow his wishes. How samey and predictable would it be if Rick’s group instantly retaliated and won albeit with a few causalities? We’v seen that before. We haven’t seen Rick (or Daryl for that matter) get so emotionally broken as they are this season. It’s called a story


What is it really necessary for either of you to call her names for expressing an opinion? Grow a pair.


No need to call ppl stupid.

I agree Tina, but offense does not make offense better. I’m sure they have a pair, they just lack of respect. :)


He wont stay like that, just go with it. Im happy hes cooperating aswell, it means less people i care about die. Spencers going to die if he keeps arguing rick too. The show still has plenty of perks and once they move on to all out war the show will be better than ever trust me


It’s a character arc numbnuts. Neegan will walk all over Rick and things will get worse before they get better, but Rick will get his mojo back. And because we’ve witnessed our fearless leader get torn from the top right down to the bottom and to being a complete wuss, when he rises again it will be so much more epic.


You retard, the are breaking him down so in the end he will find redemption and get revenge. Building angst, suspense and sorrow for his ultimate win. I swear some people are stupid.


Dena, I agree that his season has been the absolute worst yet. I have watched them all and never miss 1. That Ezekiol nonsense last week? Lets follow the nights of the round table because he has a tiger! Not very believable. I thought this week was a little better, but I find it hard to believe that someone wouldn’t have blown negans head off by now. I get that people are scared for their lives, but some of them just have to want to die, so why wouldn’t they go out like a hero and take Negan out.

BillyGoat Boi

All of you simpletons are so needy for big explosions and large dramatic scenery. Go watch a Michael Bay film if that’s all you want. Neegan is doing everything he can to break everyone in a way that they haven’t had to endure before. We’ve had emotional destruction, physical destruction, but never mental destruction to this degree and with so many people. Yes, it would be so easy to just shoot him in the head when he’s not looking. However, the fear Neegan has inspired in everyone is unlike anything that the group has experienced before. How can you be so stupid and short-sighted to say that Rick is a wus? You can leave the fandom now. You aren’t wanted.


Lol no room for debates anymore, we resort to calling people idiots foe their opinions. There has been a ton of negative comments this season and that is new to walking dead. I get the mental drama they’re dealing with, but that just leads me even farther to say someone would lose it and kill him. They would die right after, its a tough angle for a ton of people to believe


Well, if you think about its, this way we get to see another part of him. Nobody can be strong all the time. There’s a point when everybody breaks and honestly, if he acted like he did with the governor we would be bored. This way although Rick is forced to be weak, the others will rise up!


Nah dude, the governor had about 10 people; 90% of which were unloyal. The tank was cute, but a single nade down the barrel killed it off. The saviors have dozens if not hundreds of men and weapons, and he may only have a bat but when you’re surrounded by 50 of your men aiming rifles, you could basically go full BB King Lucille and just use an electric guitar.

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