Where Is Tara on ‘The Walking Dead’?


Where is Tara? (AMC/The Walking Dead)

There’s one character we haven’t seen for awhile on The Walking Dead: Tara. With everything that’s been happening, she’s been nowhere to be seen. Where is she? This article will have spoilers through Season 7 Episode 4, “Service.”

Here’s what you need to know.

At the end of Season 6, right after the raid on The Savior’s satellite outpost, Tara and Heath went off on a supply run. They were supposed to be gone for two weeks. So these two characters have missed out on everything that’s happened. That’s definitely a good thing — like Carol and Morgan, they’re much better off not being around right now.

But things are going to be tough for Tara whenever she gets back (if she gets back.) Her girlfriend, Denise, was killed. Glenn, her friend, is dead. Abraham, her friend, is also dead. She’s likely going to have a really tough time adjusting once she realizes what’s happened.

According to show credits, we may be seeing Tara and Heath again in episode 6 and Tara may be one of the featured characters for that episode. That means that she may still be gone next week, but she’ll likely be back soon. These episode credits aren’t always reliable, but it doesn’t seem too likely that she’ll be gone for much longer.

By the way, there was a small Easter egg related to Tara in tonight’s episode. She loved orange soda (in fact, that’s what Denise was getting for her when she died.) Negan found her orange soda and drank it:

negan orange soda

(AMC/The Walking Dead)

As far as theories and predictions about what’s next for her character, some fans think that she and Heath will run into The Saviors while they’re on their supply run. She tried to befriend the Governor before, so maybe she’ll try to befriend Negan this time.

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