Who Got Voted Off of ‘Survivor’ Tonight?

The game was certainly brought to a whole new level tonight. Jay and Taylor spoke about getting rid of Adam, and fought to get Will on board. “Adam’s the rat, and we need to get him out,” Will said at one point. But he knew that his only shot at staying in the competition was to win immunity. The challenge was– well, a super challenge. It was the first individual immunity challenge, and the survivors had to stand on a narrow perch with their hands tethered to a bucket above them. If their hands dropped, the bucket fell and they were out. Who won immunity this week? It came down to Will and Jessica, and Will took home the prize– exactly what he set out to do.

After Will took home immunity, Adam said, “Will did exactly what he needed to do. Now, I need to figure out another plan.” When they returned to camp, Jay said they should choose to vote off Adam. Michelle admitted that she was worried about the decision, though, and that it was a huge mistake.

Adam grows mad that his plan exploded. “I laid the groundwork for what I thought was a solid plan, and on the day of tribal council it all unravels. I had a feeling I was playing too hard. I was playing too hard. At this point, I’m worried to work anyone on this tribe if it will keep me in this game.” The Gen X tribe then went back and forth for a while, indecisive about who to vote off.

At the tribal ceremony, Taylor was targeted for eating everyone’s food. “The phase of the game is simply this: it’s the people I trust versus the people you trust. It doesn’t matter if you’re a millennial or a Gen X.” Michelle agrees with the sentiment, and says that she feels alliances are based off of how people mesh together– not necessarily wha age they are. Adam admits that he feels terrified about getting voted off.

What ends up happening? Michelle was eliminated this evening.

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Michelle Schubert was eliminated. (Twitter/MichelleSchubert)

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