Who Shot Carl in the Eye on ‘The Walking Dead’?


(AMC/The Walking Dead)

A big part of tonight’s episode centered around Carl and Enid. But some fans have forgotten an important plot point from last season and are trying to remember just how Carl lost his eye. We’ve got the details here, in case you need a refresher.

Here’s what you need to know.

Although it may feel like a long time ago, it really hasn’t been that long since Carl lost his eye. In fact, the big scene happened in February 2016, during the mid-season premiere for Season 6 of The Walking Dead. If you recall, Alexandria was overrun by zombies. Everyone was covered in blood and trying to sneak out. Sam and his mom were among those trying to escape, but Sam freaks out and gets the zombies’ attention. At that point, his mom Jessie also freaks out and the zombies attack and eat them.

One of the most chilling parts was how she wouldn’t let go of Carl’s hand while she was being eaten.

Then, Jessie’s other son, Ron, was enraged. He had hated Carl and Rick the entire time. He blamed them for everything. He raised his gun, and it looked like he was aiming for Rick. Michonne tried to stop him, but he pulled the trigger and shot out Carl’s eye!

Here’s the scene below, if you want to watch it again. But warning — it’s pretty gruesome:




Wow omg that was brutal well I know its a show but if a person who was holding a 9mm about like 10 yards from you and shot u in the eye you have died since it would have went through his eye and the back of hi skull because a eye is soft so I know its special effects but in the real world he would be dead but if it was a BB gun or pellet gun it would be a bit more acurate but what can we do its a show the best show


Not possible. If someone were to shoot you in the eye socket at 10 ft with a 9mm pistol, you are dead. The eye is soft, the bullet would blow a large exit hole in the back of your head. Now if carl was shot with a bb or pellet gun this would be believable.


In a behind the scenes thing, someone (I don’t remember who it was, it’s been a while) explained that the bullet ricocheted off Carl’s skull right next to his eye, which shattered the bone, sending the shrapnel into his eye. So it didn’t directly hit his eye, or else, yeah he’d be dead.


Just gotta say…I did research and it supposedly hit the side of his skull right where the socket is.the bone fragments exploded and his eye was destroyed in the process.

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