Who Got Eliminated on ‘Survivor’ Tonight?

Who Was Eliminated on Survivor Tonight, Survivor Eliminations, Who Was Kicked Off Survivor Tonight


Zeke was voted off Survivor tonight.

Tonight’s episode of Survivor: Millenials vs. Gen X was the most emotional one yet. During the first challenge, each contestant broke down in tears at the sight of their family members. Jay ended up winning the family barbecue with his sister, and chose to bring along Will and his mother, Sunday and her husband, and Adam and his brother.

The second challenge came down to Jay and Adam. Adam won, earning individual immunity and living to see Day 34. Things were tense leading up to tribal council. Zeke knew he was on the chopping block, and that Davis was coming for him. Going into tribal council, Will realized how essential his vote would be:  “The logical side of me is telling me this is my time to make a big move, but I am so angry with Ken. I would to blow up his day. Either way, I am in control.”

In tribal council, Will was the swing vote, and sat in the middle of the two groups. He voiced how frustrating it was that everyone treats him like an 18-year-old brother. Each side made their argument to Will to try and convince him to vote on their side. Will said that all he wants in the game is to be regarded as seroius contender.

In a shocking turn of events, Adam pulled out a hidden immunity idol from his pants (literally). He chose to save Hannah, and Zeke was voted off.

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