Adam Klein – ‘Survivor’ Season 33 Contestant


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Sherry Youmans

I was so sorry to hear about your mom, Adam. I know she is very proud of U. I was so heartbroken to hear your story. U deserved to be named “The
Sole Survivor!” U outwit & outlast each & everyone of them. Prayers for U & your family as U move forward in the days to come. Thank U for a great game well played!

Solana fletcher

Worst survivor ever
Pity was involved just for Adam. I am starting to believe that survivor is not a game anymore but a place where people can pore out their adversaries so they can win. Ken worked hard but lost so pathetic


Ken worked hard at what? That guy was completely asleep for the entire game and made zero game movies until day 38. Out of the three that were left at the end, Ken deserved it the absolute least.


Four individual immunities isn’t working hard? Keeping David safe isn’t working hard? Saving Jessica’s skin?


Adam won because he played the cancer card. I’m sorry about his mother but he did not deserve to win.Ken should of won.

Brian Loster

Dear adam ia sorry your mom passed away you are the one to win the survivor 33


Agree ver much beginning to think it’s almost rigged.there should only be final 2 an way don’t know why show changed it to 3.

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