Who Won ‘Survivor’ Season 33 Finale Tonight?

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Tonight was the season 33 finale of Survivor and the final three contestants left in the mix were Hannah Shapiro, Ken McNickle, and Adam Klein. Which of them won? The winner for 2016 is … Adam Klein. It was a clean sweep as Klein attained every vote from the jury. And, in honor of Klein’s mother who battled stage four lung cancer while he was filming the show, he announced that he was donating $100,000 of his winnings to research.

Prior to the final three, Jay Starrett and David Wright were voted out of the competition, which meant that they were added to the jury for the final tribal council.

At tribal council, Shapiro kicked things off by asking that the jury keep an open mind. She also said that she started the game a mess, but that she’s ready to explain her decisions. As for McNickle, he said that it’s not just about the game, but it’s about the person as well. And then there was Klein who confidently said that he played the best game.

Things got emotional for McNickle when he was confronted about voting Wright out when he had a long-standing alliance with him. McNickle cried that he had to do it for his daughter at home and the jury appeared to appreciate his honesty. When jury member Zeke spoke with the three remaining contestants, he said that he did not feel McNickle contributed to the game as a whole. He then asked Klein and Shapiro about how they each helped in the evolution of the game.

When Jay Starrett confronted Klein about their relationship on the show, Klein cried as he talked about the bond they shared and about his mother who was suffering from cancer back at home at the time. Unfortunately, an hour after Klein got home, his mother passed away. It was a dream of Klein’s as well as his mom Susie’s, to be on the show.

The many emotions of watching tonight #Survivor season finale!

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In their final statements, Shapiro said she went into the competition very scared and now is stronger and hopes to take that into her every day life. As for McNickle, he recalled when he was growing up and was very socially awkward. Being on the show has helped him in communicating with others. In addition, he said that his sole reason for being on the show is for his daughter. When Klein stated his reason for being on the show, he gushed about his journey being for his mother. He talked about her difficult battle with stage four lung cancer and how this has been his driving force.

It was then time for the jury members to each cast their vote for the winner. But, the reading of the votes does not go down until the reunion special, so the cast members had to wait until tonight for the live announcement.


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Survivor was a JOKE and pre-planned. Adam won on the sympathy vote vs game play. Pathetic CBS (as usual)


I was anticipating the final of survivor and I was so disappointed at the ending. For Ken not even to get 1 vote is unreal.. He played the best game. Survivor is really trending downwards and I think the end is in sight for this show that I have lost respect for.

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