Best Memes of 2016: Top 10 Picks for the Year

Like many of the memes that became famous this year, the Ted Cruz-Zodiac meme was popularized during the election by opponents of Ted Cruz's candidacy. Cruz was born after the murders committed by the Zodiac killer, meaning he couldn't have possibly been responsible for the northern California murders, but that hasn't kept the meme from being a huge trend in 2016. As NPR points out, however, those involved with the meme weren't as concerned about the logistics behind the meme as they were with communicating the idea that Ted Cruz is creepy. One source told the outlet, "... there was a protester in one of the Iowa rallies that stood in the back and yelled 'Ted Cruz looks weird' a bunch of times. I think it just sort of crystallized for me that there's something about this guy that really kind of is off-putting to people." (Twitter/andyratto)