‘The Voice’ Season 11 Winner Predictions

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(Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

UPDATE: Sundance Head has won season 11 of The Voice. Click here for details.

In our own poll, 72% of our Voice enthusiasts feel that Gilman will be tonight’s big winner for season 11 of The Voice. And, if we had our pick, that’s what we would say, especially after his amazing performances last night. Trailing behind in second place was Sundance Head, so there’s a chance he could be the winner tonight. In addition, when it comes to the official performance videos from last night’s part 1 of the finale, Gilman attained the most views.

Billy Gilman opened the show last night with a flawless and very emotional performance of Frank Sinatra’s song “My Way.” After the incredible performance, coach Adam Levine commented:

Everything this guy has been through was just poured out from his heart on that stage. How do you not feel like you just won The Voice just now?

Check out Gilman’s Sinatra performance in the below video.

In addition to his performance with coach Adam Levine and his Sinatra tribute, Gilman also performed his own new single, titled “Because of Me.” The song apparently was originally written for Maroon 5, so it’s a real treat for Gilman to be able to have it as his own. Check out Gilman’s official music video for the song below.

Hailing from Adam Levine’s team, Gilman isn’t the only Levine performer left in the mix. Singer Josh Gallagher also performed on part 1 of the finale. Last week on the show Gallagher had to perform for America’s Instant Save vote and he managed to win his spot in the finale.

Several big name celebrities are backing Gilman and his major comeback in the industry. Check out some of the supportive tweets below.




We should be the winner because she has such powerful voice and Billy already been in the music business which is unfair. Billy does not need this win. PLEASE u understand what I say and vote We. She deserves


I don’t think it’s fair that Billy Gilman gets to compete .He has already been a professional and the rest
of the contestants are just new to the business. He has experience and a following of people that know of
him. He’s going to go on in the business anyway. Give it to someone new.


Sundadance competed on American Idol 6 years ago! He should be eliminated


Even though sundance did compete on there he has no staying power to be a great artist whether he wins or loses tonight.

crystal cline

I agree if billy shouldnt be on there then sundance shouldnt either.


OMG how many times don’t ppl get it. He was 10 !!!! He hasnt had a record label since then. And he NEVER gave up regardless of his rejection from the music industry b/ c his gay ??? That’s horrible by the music industry to say the least. Shame on them !!! Give him his due win ! Also eliminate Sundance Head & We’ cause they also have experience in the industry. Sundajce’s father was a icon in the music industry. Should both of them not have a opportunity ???? Wa Wa somewhere else


This was my last year watching the Voice. It’s obvious the winner was already selected when the show began. They’ve stripped the program of its intent which was to find unknown talent through their voice. It was obvious from the first show that it was rigged for Billy.


Guess you should have waited for the results, Billy didn’t win, and furthermore if he had, He would have deserved it just like any other. He worked tirelessly and he is very talented. It’s obvious that America didn’t choose him because of such talent, they didn’t choose him because he is Gay!!!! Very sad. His sexuality wasn’t on show, the show is called “The Voice ” for a reason!!!


You’re misinformed Blake had professional songwriters his country artist opened up for him as a young kids. Billy was a child star who was dropped because of his voice change and didn’t have a career until the voice.

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