Bobby Boyd and Josh Flagg – ‘Million Dollar Listing LA’ 2016

Bobby Boyd And Josh Flagg

When fans learned that Josh Flagg had broken off his relationship with longtime boyfriend Colton Thorn after many years, they were shocked. Then, it seemed like just moments later he was engaged to boyfriend Bobby Boyd. Fortunately, we've got to see the couple's budding relationship evolve into an engagement over the course of this season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Boyd and Flagg had known each other about a decade and they decided to come together and pursue a courtship after Flagg became single. On MDLLA, we see Boyd meet Flagg's parents and we see the two carry on a very romantic and thoughtful relationship. At one point this season, Flagg says to Boyd that he knows Boyd said he would only go to Paris when he was in love. With that, Flagg asks Boyd to go with him to Paris and Boyd accepts. What Boyd doesn't know is that Flagg has organized a flash mob to assist him in a marriage proposal overseas. Now, Flagg and Boyd are enjoying being together and are engaged to be married. For more information on the couple, their engagement rings, the proposal and more, click through our gallery of their best Instagram photos. (Instagram/JoshFlagg1)