Caleb Brush, Madison ‘Maddie’ Brown’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Caleb Brush, the husband of Sister Wives star Madison “Maddie” Brown, has had a very big year. The mine equipment repairman married girlfriend Maddie and the couple also found out they’re expecting their first child together. For more information on the couple, read on for our 5 Fast Facts.

Caleb Brush Will Not Be Adopting a Polygamous Lifestyle

Maddie Brown’s family stars on the reality show Sister Wives and their lifestyle choice of leading a life of plural marriage is on display for the world to see. Caleb and Maddie do not wish to follow that path in life and Caleb previously told People:

We support Maddie’s family with their choice of living plural marriage and they support us with our choice in just marrying each other.

Brush Was a Member of the Family Before He Tied the Knot With Brown

According to Radar Online, Caleb Brush is Maddie Brown’s aunt’s brother, the brother of Kody’s sister-in-law, Erica Brush Brown. But, Caleb is not blood-related to Maddie.

Unfortunately, in 2013, Erica’s husband Curtis Brown reportedly died in a motorcycle accident.

Alcohol Was an Issue With The Couple’s Wedding

One issue when planning their wedding was alcohol because Maddie’s family does not drink. Both Maddie and Caleb insisted that they would serve alcohol at their wedding. Dad Kody said that traditionally, Mormon’s do not drink alcohol and that being drunk is bad. Maddie told TLC that she and Caleb each have friends who like to over-indulge and party.

The wedding was a bohemian theme.

Brush Thinks He Will Be a “Push-Over” Dad

Caleb and Maddie are both anxious as future new parents and Maddie told People:

We are both really excited and anxious. I think every soon-to-be parent is anxious, but we have so much support from both sides of our family. I think I’ll be the disciplinarian parent just because Caleb already has such a soft spot for the baby. He already ha so much love for the baby.

Then, Caleb added:

I’m going to be the pushover. Our child is going to have me wrapped around its finger.

Their Proposal Was Simple But Full of Excitement

Maddie talked about Caleb’s proposal to her in an interview with People, stating:

He told me he could never express how much he loved me, but he wanted to spend his life trying, and went down in one knee and pulled out a box. I started kissing him and saying, ‘Yes, yes!

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