Carrie Fisher Memes to Remember Princess Leia & Fisher

RIP Carrie Fisher

Legendary Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, who became legendary in the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars, suffered a massive heart attack on a transatlantic flight, has now died. The sad news was announced on December 27. Fisher lived through the Christmas holiday, but she never regained consciousness after falling ill on the plane, where she was returning from London after promoting her new book. She was 60-years-old. TMZ said Fisher was non responsive after the heart attack, and she died on the morning of Tuesday, December 27. Fisher had been on a ventilator at a California hospital since suffering the medical crisis, according to TMZ. Reports of Fisher's condition had seesawed between critical and stable condition after the attack. But it looked dire from the start; that's because, Fisher stopped breathing for 10 minutes before she was resuscitated on the airplace, an eyewitness said. Friends and fans writing on Twitter had implored her to "use the force" to get better. The Associated Press reported later in the evening that she was in stable condition, but her brother, Todd Fisher, told Daily Variety that was not true. However, sadly, Fisher later died. On Twitter, many people created memes to remember the legendary actress. (Twitter)