PHOTOS: Chris Pratt Keeps Cropping Out Jennifer Lawrence on Instagram

We will be seeing a lot from Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence over the next few weeks since they both star in Passengers. It's a highly-anticipated science fiction romance movie directed by The Imitation Game's Morten Tyldum. While the film looks super serious, Pratt appears to be getting all of his jokes out of his system on the media tour. He's posted a slew of photos on Instagram, but there's one person curiously missing: JLaw.

Yes, in each of the following photos, Pratt keeps cropping out his famous co-star. Perhaps it's an in-joke because she was reportedly paid $20 million to be in the movie, while Pratt got $12 million. However, it looks like Lawrence is starting to enjoy the joke.

Passengers doesn't hit theaters until December 21, so this is a fun way for Pratt to make sure we know he has a new movie coming out. Click through to see all the photos Pratt has cropped Lawrence out of. (Getty)

1 Comment

1 Comment

IJ Campbell

I wouldn’t want to work with her, every interview that is done in a group, she talks and talks and interrupts others. I have a feeling she is a bit of a narcissist. I do quite like Chris Pratt, but the adverts for this film aren’t very compelling.

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