Derek Hough as Corny Collins in ‘Hairspray Live!’

Derek Hough as Corny Collins in 'Hairspray Live!'

Derek Hough plays show host Corny Collins in Hairspray Live!, which airs tonight on NBC. Prior to the show airing live, Hough discussed the possibilities of things going wrong on air with The Wrap. As a seasoned performer on Dancing With the Stars, Hough is familiar with the dangers of live television. This past season on the show, protesters invaded the ballroom and nearly attacked contestant Ryan Lochte. Originally, the role of Corny Collins in Hairspray was not really a dancing part, but in Hairspray Live!, they incorporate some movement and twisting for Hough to be a part of. For more information on Hough, click through our gallery of his best Hairspray pics. (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

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