George Michael’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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George Michael in 2010. (Getty)

The 1980s pop icon George Michael, who died of heart failure at the age of 53, left behind a partner – and that partner found his body.

Did George Michael leave behind a family? Did he have children or a husband? Michael was not married when he died, and he did not have any children. However, he was dating Fadi Fawaz, who tweeted that he found Michael’s body.

“At this stage the death is being treated as unexplained but not suspicious,” police said of the death, although Michael’s publicist said Michael dead of heart failure peacefully at home. Police “were called to a property in Goring-on-Thames shortly before 2 p.m. on Sunday and confirmed the death of a 53-year-old man at the scene,” said CNN.

That person was Michael.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. George Michael Had Several Recent Lengthy Relationships

george michael boyfriend

Singer George Michael (left) and Kenny Goss arrive at the VIP preview screening of “A Different Story”, a documentary based on George Michael’s life, at the Curzon Mayfair on December 5, 2005 in London, England. (Getty)

George Michael was not married when he died, and he had many relationships. He was most recently spotted in 2015 walking in Switzerland with Fadi Fawaz, a man identified as his boyfriend at the time.

They were photographed holding hands and, around the same time, Michael denied he was addicted to crack cocaine. In addition to tweeting that he found the body and identifying himself as Michael’s partner, Fawaz changed his Twitter profile picture to one of himself with Michael.

Michael had other serious relationships; one of his most significant was with the Texas-born businessman Kenny Goss. In 2011, “Michael announced onstage that his relationship with his long-term partner, Kenny Goss, had ended,” said USA Today. Their relationship lasted 13 years. The Sun reported that Michael and Goss were in contact again recently and that Michael had spiraled downward after the break up. Before they split, Michael and Goss, an art dealer, were considering getting married in a civil partnership ceremony.

Michael revealed he was gay in a 1998 CNN interview, saying, “I want to say that I have no problem with people knowing that I’m in a relationship with a man right now. I have not been in a relationship with a woman for almost 10 years.”

In his early years, Michael did have relationships with women, including a makeup artist.

In 1998, Michael was arrested in Los Angeles “for soliciting sex in a public toilet.”

2. Michael Was Born to a Greek Immigrant & English Dancer

George Michael gay, When did George Michael come out

George Michael arrives by private jet at Perth’s private jet base ahead of his national tour, which begins in Perth tomorrow night, on February 19, 2010 in Perth, Australia. (Getty)

According to, George Michael “was born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou on June 25, 1963, in East Finchley, London, England.”

His father was a Greek immigrant, and his mother was an English dancer. In 2011, when he was stricken with pneumonia, members of Michael’s family held a bedside vigil.

The Telegraph wrote, “He had been joined by his 75-year-old father Kyriacos Panayiotou, who is known as Jack Panos, as well as sisters Melanie, 49 and Yioda, 53.” Goss and Fawaz were at his side, said the Telegraph. Michael’s mother died in 1997.

Growing up, Michael had conflict with his father, which he said he channeled into his career.

Michael’s family called him “Yog,” which is a nickname derived from his Greek name.

Michael referenced his mother when he discussed the difficulties in coming out to People Magazine, saying, “Because it’s about family. In the years when HIV was a killer, any parent of an openly gay person was terrified. I knew my mother well enough that she would spend everyday praying that I didn’t come across that virus. She’d have worried like that.”

3. Michael’s Boyfriend Died of AIDS

The Sun says Michael’s childhood friend Andros Georgiou “was one of the first to be told he was gay” and “watched as George, who he calls Yog, fell for Brazilian Anselmo Feleppa.”

The Sun ran a serial in which Georgiou described how Michael told him Feleppa had AIDs before Feleppa died, “Yog looked at me, breaking down, crying hysterically. I jumped up and hugged him. He told me: ‘Anselmo has got Aids.’ He didn’t know what to do. How could the love of his life just die?”

He said that Michael told him that he did not have AIDs, however. George Michael wrote a tribute to Feleppa called “Jesus to a Child.” Many believe that Feleppa was George Michael’s greatest love.

The death of Feleppa and his mother plunged Michael into a depression. He told the Independent, “I struggled with huge depression after my mother died. Losing your mother and your lover in the space of three years is a tough one.”

4. George Michael Did Not Have Children

James Kennedy, George Michael Godson James Kennedy, George Michael Children, George Michael Son, George Michael Kids


Although George Michael did not have children, he did have a godson named James Kennedy. Kennedy’s father and George’s father grew up together in the same village in Greece.

You can read more about Kennedy here:

5. Michael’s Family Has Asked for Privacy

James Kennedy, George Michael Godson James Kennedy, George Michael Children, George Michael Son, George Michael Kids


According to the Mirror, Michael’s publicist Michael Lippman, released a statement on behalf of Michael’s family that read: “It is with great sadness that we can confirm our beloved son, brother and friend George passed away peacefully at home over the Christmas period.”

The statement continued: “The family would ask that their privacy be respected at this difficult and emotional time. There will be no further comment at this stage.” According to the Mirror, Michael was found “in bed, lying peacefully,” dead from heart failure.


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You can’t speak about George Michael in this matter heir we are 2 say RIP the talented singers his private life is his matter not yours.respect for his family and friend s .


Of course that’s what people are going to say, just because he was gay. They said the same thing about Prince, who wasn’t gay.


I’m so glad you are a expert at denouncing the dead. Let’s hope you will equally meet such profanity at your demise.


Who cares how he died. Although I would love to know where your insight comes from. The fact is that whilst many loved his music and he represents for many special time in their life. He was a son, a father must bury his child. He was a brother, an uncle, friend, cousin, godfather. Think how you would feel when someone you love dies. I weep for the pain his family is enduring. Every Christmas will signify the memorial of his death.

Eastender (@SDMel)

Wow – are you the coroner? He died of heart failure — which, yes, could be brought on by underlying factors. But no one knows what those factors are, or if there were any. Have you ever heard of the black widow? aka – sudden death. RIP George Michael.


Have you seen the coroners report.? Your speculation is ludicrous. Perhaps he died of a broken heart.


Stupid illiterate ccomment..but what can we do…there should also be stupid people on this earth.

Janice Carter

you obviously know absolutely nothing of George so keep your sad nasty comments to your self, He was an absolute brilliant song writer and singer so talented, what have you achieved in your life ?????? i’m sure we would all like to know

Teeha Lewis

He died of heart failure possibly as a result of some drug use, not aids. None of this will change the fact that he was a very talented and gifted musician who’s loved by millions. RIP George. I will miss you dearly.


I don’t like this singer. I’m fan of Taylor Swift. She is very good when I met her in RSA job erg I tried to take a snapshot but no luck


Who the hell cares who you like. I can not BELIVE (well actually I can) the self importance you give yourself.
By the way Taylor Swift was lucky you never managed to get a pic with her, you stalker!
By the way (once more), your post is equally offensive in thay you seem to revel in your rediculousness use of the English language. Really, get a dictionary; a style book of grammar might also be of help.
It shows a total lack of comitted T to bettering yourself. You may, in the process of learning how to speak, develope a sense of what is proper and what is just selfish ignorance.


TYPO!! I at least am willing to ADMIT any shortcomings. SHOLUD have read : “… rediculous use of…”.
I refuse to make excuses but my iPad LOVES to “suggest” words and I should be more diligent in re-reading before post. Too bad MUKESH wouldn’t know how to fix his “prose,” re-read or not!


Can’t actually believe you commented on someone’s grammar, with your own 11 glaring errors! How sad that people feel the need to do this following someone’s death!

Linda Aguilar

I agree that Mukesh is not sticking with the subject of this article which is George Michael, but don’t put him down for trying to speak English. That means he is attempting to speak a second language. He is to be admired for that not criticized.

donna g.

Your crazy as well. Your big concern is the alive person, who was rude enough to post what he thinks of the man’s music hour after his death.


You complete bell head
Shut up,who cares who you like.
Go away back under your stone you irrelevant twat.


You can never compare George Michael to a snot nose girl.You obviously didn’t know who he was..are you mad…Flippen stupid comment..George Michael had one of those unique voices and will remain the great singer that he was…He will be missed…RIP


Well said Amy George Michael was a great singer sweet and handsome man I miss him so much I can’t believe he’s gone😢😭💔


Lydia7777. I could not agree with you more. Well said Mam. I can’t believe he is gone either. My heart breaks every single moment of everyday, still. He was such a beautiful person and fantastic singer with the most angelic voices that I have ever heard in my life. I have loved him from day one and I always will until the day I die. I pray for his family, the that Lord will give them the peace and comfort in their hearts and souls, that only that only He can give.May George Michael rest in peace. Amen.


If u don’t like Him why r u even commenting on here?????…..Mukesh You’re an idiot and We all don’t like YOU HERE and Your stupid name!!!!!

donna g.

Why did you bother to comment. Don’t you know that people really loved this artist and are grieving over his death. You don’t care about anything or anybody else’s felling.

Iedia Hess

George is an excellent singer and I have met him and known him for years he loved his fans and would have taken a picture with you. How can you love someone or like someone that disregards you that is how Taylor Swift treated you….nice! Think about it. George loved everyone super talented genuis. collaborated with a lot of musicians. You must be very young ignorant, and narrow-mindeded….

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