George Michael Dead: No, Twitter, Boy George Did Not Die

Some Twitter users – and one prominent celebrity – have mixed up 1980s music icons, George Michael and Boy George.

George Michael, 53, has died (his manager says of heart failure). Boy George, 55, is still alive.

That didn’t stop some people on Twitter from confusing the two pop legends, both of whom were born in England.

This person was even more confused, blending both names together.

Twitter: Here is a picture of George Michael AND Boy George. They are not the same person.

George Michael, 53, died on Christmas Day 2016 at his home in England. Although the specific cause of death was not revealed, his manager did tell the Hollywood Reporter he died of heart failure. It’s not known what triggered that, though.

The actress Sarah Michelle Gellar launched the confusion, when she tweeted a tribute to George Michael. She wrote, “Do you really want to hurt me? I guess you do 2016 – #ripboygeorge. I was truly one of your biggest fans.”

Except Boy George is not dead.

The confusion spread throughout Twitter with people confusing the two Georges, who were known, not only for their 1980s music, but also for their LGBTQ advocacy and trailblazing and their English roots.

Michael’s death shocked fans and a music world already dealing with the 2016 deaths of music greats such as David Bowie and Prince.

It was reported that Michael died “peacefully” at his own home, and he’d had public bouts with health issues in the past, cancelling a tour in 2011 because he was suffering from pneumonia. Police told the Hollywood Reporter that his death was unexplained but not suspicious. There were rumors over the years that he had AIDs or HIV but this was not confirmed; his manager’s comments on heart failure were made to the Hollywood Reporter.

According to, George Michael “grew up in and near London, where he developed his passion for music at an early age.”

Learn more about George Michael’s cause of death here:

Read celebrity and fan reactions to his death here:

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