James Kennedy & Harry Georgiou – George Michael’s Godsons

James Kennedy & Harry Georgiou

Many recognize James Kennedy from the Bravo reality show Vanderpump Rules. Kennedy has two brothers, Harry and Dylan Georgiou, and the three boys have a famous father named Andros Georgiou. Andros was a good friend of the late George Michael for many years, but their relationship ended well over a decade ago over a disagreement. Andros previously revealed to The Sun that Michael was upset with he shared a photo of Michael's late mother with a publication. Prior to the two friends separating, Michael became the godfather to Andros' sons Harry and James. Dylan was not one of Michael's godchildren. Click here for our 5 Fast Facts on James Kennedy and his connection to Michael. For more information on Michael's relationship with former friend Andros, his connection to his godchildren and more background, click through our gallery of James and Harry's best Instagram photos. (Instagram/ItsJamesKennedy)