‘Hairspray Live!’ Live Blog, Recap & Review

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NBC’s star-studded live performance of the hit Broadway show, Hairspray is finally here! With celebs like Ariana Grande, Martin Short, Jennifer Hudson, Derek Hough, Dove Cameron, and Harvey Fierstein, the production will draw in millions of viewers in what’s bound to be a fun night. Enjoy the minute-by-minute play by plays of the musical right here for a full recap and review of the show.

Maddie Baillio sounds great! The show starts with Tracy singing in bed then transitions into the streets of Baltimore and its many inhabitants. The mechanical rolling rats were an… interesting choice. But did Tracy forget a line there? Twitter certainly took notice!

Nice touch adding the pink flamingo– a nod to the 1972 movie Pink Flamingos starring Divine who originated the role of Edna in the film. Solid first number. 8:03 pm.

Whoever doubted Derek Hough could sing should think again. He sounds great. 8:06 pm.

Ariana Grande had a nice first scene. Fun to see her dance like Penny. 8:07pm.

Martin Short with his grand entrance! 8:12 pm.

The lack of applause from the crowd (is it purposeful?) is making the jokes seem like they’re falling flat… 8:14 pm.

‘Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now’ time! 8:16 pm

Darren Criss hosting! Best known for his role on Glee. 8:19 pm.

Garrett Clayton is totally winning the #mannequinchallenge right now. 8:25pm.

Kristin Chenoweth just killed that song! 8:33 pm.

And here we’ve got Rosie O’Donnell in her role as the gym teacher, sending Tracy to detention. Why! She’s teasing her hair as high as she can! 8:38 pm.

“I can’t believe my eyes… A dance… With dancing…” Thank you Penny. 8:43 pm.

People on Twitter are commenting on how relevant the show’s subject is. 8:46 pm.

Darren Criss just admitted they’re using a lot of water to make the streets in “Baltimore” look shiny… 9:01pm.

Cameos from the former Tracys! 9:12 pm.

Seaweed and Penny meet for the first time. And it was adorable. 9:19 pm.

Seaweed is singing his song! Run and Tell That. Kid can sing and dance. 9:21 pm.

Link said he wasn’t throwing away his shot and Twitter freaked out. Was he making a reference to Hamilton the Musical? Or… not? 9:36 pm

The sound was a bit off at the beginning of You’re Timeless To Me— we could hear the audience. 8:59 pm.

The sound went off again as we could hear the stage manager calling cues over the singing. 9:57 pm.

Seaweed and Penny finally make out in Without Love! 10:10 pm.

Jennifer Hudson is singing I Know Where I’ve Been. An important and relevant piece, sung by a woman with a beautiful voice! 10:21 pm.

The time is here! You Can’t Stop the Beat! 10:34pm.


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