Harry Karl, Debbie Reynolds’ Second Ex-Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Debbie Reynolds has died from a stroke just a day after her famous daughter Carrie Fisher passed away, as reported by TMZ. In her life, Reynolds had three husbands and Harry Karl was her second. The couple was married for 13 years from 1960 until 1973. For more information on Karl, read on below.

1. Karl Reportedly Gambled Away Reynolds’ Fortune

Harry Karl was a shoe store owner when he met Reynolds. People previously reported that he was known to have bad gambling habits, which ended up affecting then-wife Reynolds. She struggled financially because of Karl’s gambling habits, bad investments and spending money on hookers. People reported that he spent $7 million of Reynolds’ money.

2. Reynolds Said All of Her Husbands Had Cheated On Her

Reynolds once admitted to The Express in 2015 that her love in life was her children, rather than her husbands. She explained:

My three husbands all left me for another woman and obviously I wasn’t a very sexual lady. My husbands all repeatedly said the same thing—that I was not a very passionate woman … It seemed that I was more interested in raising my children, not in pursuing my husbands.

Reynolds also married Eddie Fisher and Richard Hamlett.

3. Singer Marie McDonald Was Karl’s Wife Before Reynolds

Prior to meeting Reynolds, Karl was married to singer Marie McDonald, who was known as “The Body Beautiful”. She was also a beauty queen who won titles including “Miss New York State,” “The Queen of Coney Island”, and “Miss Yonkers”. McDonald was actually married seven times and two of them were to Karl. The two first married in 1947 and divorced in 1954. The remarried in 1955, only to divorce again in 1958.

4. The Couple Never Had Children Together

Debbie Reynolds had two children in her life, a son named Todd and actress Carrie Fisher. Both children were had with her first husband Eddie Fisher, who famously had an affair with Reynolds’ good friend Elizabeth Taylor. Son Todd was also an actor, as well as a director and cinematographer.

Carrie Fisher was not fond of her mother’s second husband and the way he treated her mother as she once told People:

I couldn’t believe he had done that to my perfect mother. Harry Karl was a very weird guy, stupid and afraid.

She was referring to his squandering her mother’s fortune.

5. Reynolds And Her Family Were Still Upset With Karl After He Died

In an interview with People, Reynolds was asked if she was still angry at her ex. Her reply was:

Sure I’m angry. But I still haven’t changed. I’m gullible, I believe totally in my husband, and I like to treat a man well.

As for how Reynolds’ son Todd felt when Karl passed away, he said:

I’m the only one who cried when Harry died. He loved me and my sister, but he did a lot of bad things. I remember as a kid opening the door when my mother was away and some beautiful woman would come in, go upstairs for 15 minutes and leave. I understand he paid them 200 or 300 bucks.


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