How Long Is the ‘Westworld’ Finale?

westworld length

How long is Westworld tonight? (HBO/Westworld)

Tonight is Westworld‘s season 1 finale, and viewers are hoping to get more details about that twist involving Dolores at the very end of the episode. But viewers will also get another treat tonight: the episode is going to be the show’s longest episode yet.

Westworld is typically just an hour long, but tonight’s episode is going to be 90 minutes (technically, it will actually clock in at 93 minutes.) The show will begin at its regular time of 9 p.m. Eastern, but it will end at 10:33 p.m. Eastern.

The details about the longer episode first broke on Twitter, when Evan Rachel Wood (who plays Dolores) tweeted this happy news:

Fans remarked that because HBO shows air without commercials, the finale is essentially the same length as a movie.

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