Is ‘The Flash’ on Tonight?

The mid-season finale of The Flash aired last Tuesday on The CW, and it cleared up many of the questions that have lingered throughout the season. The show has officially entered its winter hiatus, and will return January 24 with episode 10.

On the Season 3 winter finale, Cisco discovers a research paper about Doctor Alchemy’s Philosopher’s Stone that is written by Julian. When Barry confronts Julian, he lies, and says that he went on an expedition to find the stone but was ultimately unsuccessful.

After hearing this, Barry rushes to Earth 3 in search of Jay, who ends up telling Barry what he knows about Savitar– that he is the “speed god”, and if he’s on Barry’s Earth, then he has come to battle. When Barry speaks with Iris later on, she tells him that Julian was the only scientist who survived on the expedition he led to find the Philosopher’s Stone. With this bit of intel, Barry and Jay make their way to to the field. Savitar and Jay begin fighting as Barry gets the stone, and they end up unmasking Alchemy to find it it’s Julian (who, naturally, gets thrown in the timeline). The stone is eventually locked back up, and Team Flash decides to use Julian’s brainwaves to speak with Savitar. They learn that Future Barry has trapped him and Savitar is now there seeking revenge. In an attempt to destroy the Philosopher’s Stone, Jay and Berry try to throw the stone in Speed Force, but in doing so, Barry goes flying through the portal. He ends up in Central City, where he watches his girlfriend, Iris, get killed by Savitar.

The episode ends with the team doing exactly what they should be doing during the holidays: spending time with one another. Team Flash enjoys Joe and Cecil’s eggnog and exchanges presents, and even gives Wally a Kid Flash costume. Barry, meanwhile, gives Iris her own lovely Christmas present: a signed lease on a new apartment they can move into together.

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