Jasmine Tookes in the Fantasy Bra: The Photos You Need to See

Tonight at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Jasmine Tookes will be wearing the famous Fantasy Bra. The stunning 25-year-old model showed off the $3 million Bright Night Fantasy Bra during the show's filming last week, and tonight, the world will feast their eyes on the 450-carat item. This year's Fantasy Bra features nearly 9,000 precious gemstones in 18-karat gold. Speaking with the Daily Mail recently, Tookes admitted that another side of her takes over when she walks on the runway. "I have, like, a little alter-ego, because I am normally very quiet and laid-back, but when I get on the runway, I just want to try to be very powerful and really give it my all." In October, she told the outlet that she'd known she was going to wear the garment for five months, but she wasn't allowed to tell anyone-- even the other models! "I have known for five months, and I literally had to keep my mouth taped shut... I mean the only girls that knew were Taylor [Hill], Romee [Strijd], and Josephine Skriver because they were there the day of the surprise." A mold of Jasmine's bust was used to create a bra that fit her perfectly. Click through our gallery to check out some of the best pics of Tookes in the 2016 Fantasy Bra. (Getty)



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