Joely Fisher: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Joely Fisher is a member of the famous Fisher “tribe,” as she put it on Twitter, and the half-sister of Star Wars’ actress, Carrie Fisher.

Joely, and her sister, Tricia Leigh Fisher, are the children of Carrie’s father Eddie Fisher, and his third wife, the actress Connie Stevens. They are also actresses in their own right.

Carrie Fisher and her brother, Todd, were the children of Eddie Fisher and his first wife, Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds, who died one day after Carrie in late December 2016.

Joely Fisher tweeted about her family’s heartbreak:

In a column in the Hollywood Reporter, she called Fisher her “hero.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Joely Fisher Was ‘Inconsolable’ After the Deaths of Both Reynolds & Carrie

The double deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds – mother and daughter so intertwined they lived next door to one another – sent fans into mourning. However, for the Fisher family, the sudden tragedies were all that much harder to bear.

Although Joely was not related by blood to Reynolds, she was close to her, and grieved her loss as well, writing, “God speed, mama.”

The day before, she was equally distraught over Carrie’s death, writing, “Breaking my silence with a broken heart…the Unfathomable loss…the earth is off its axis today…how dare you take her away from us.”

2. Joely & Her Sister Are the Children of Eddie Fisher & Connie Stevens

connie stevens, joely fisher, tricia leigh fisher, carrie fisher sisters

Connie Stevens and her daughters, Joely and Tricia Leigh Fisher. (Getty)

Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens had two children – Joely and her sister, Tricia Leigh Fisher. Tricia Leigh Fisher also tweeted tributes to Carrie. As of December 29, she had not tweeted since Debbie died.

Joely’s mother, Connie Stevens, married Eddie Fisher in 1967, and they were only married for two years. Stevens divorced Fisher in 1969, when Joely was a toddler.

Connie Stevens is an actress who has morphed into other entertainment and entrepreneurial ventures. The legendary blonde beauty’s website says, “It is rare that an actress can successfully transcend the entertainment gamut from Motion Picture Star, Television Star, Broadway Star, Recording Artist, to the concert stage and then on to develop a successful cosmetic empire.”

After starring in a series of teen and then adult dramas, Stevens turned herself into a Vegas headliner, a Broadway actress, and even a singer in commercials. Because Stevens was often on the road, Joely’s childhood was often chaotic, with a series of schools and locations.

3. Joely’s Father Was a 1950s Singing Icon With a Complicated Romantic Life

Eddie Fisher Marriages, Eddie Fisher age, Eddie Fisher songs, Eddie Fisher and debbie reynolds, debbie reynolds husbands, debbie reynolds first husband, Carrie Fisher Father

Eddie Fisher. (Getty)

Eddie Fisher was one of the most popular pop singers during his heyday, the 1950s, selling millions of records and recording 32 hit songs. His life was also punctuated with drama, most notably when he ran off with icon Elizabeth Taylor while still married to Carrie Fisher’s mother, Reynolds. Reynolds was known as America’s Sweetheart, and she had two young children with Eddie, so public sympathy swung her way.

Within five years, Taylor had ditched Fisher for Richard Burton, and Fisher went on to marry three more times, to Stevens and then two other women. He died in 2010 at the age of 82. In his autobiography, Fisher said he married Stevens because she was pregnant, and was frank about substance abuse that bedeviled his life, especially following the notoriety of the Taylor affair.

Eddie Fisher was not involved in his daughter’s lives during their childhoods, Joely recalled to The Los Angeles Times, reminiscing about her mother bringing the girls on stage with her. Joely went to Emerson College and Beverly Hills High School, the Times reported.

4. All of the Fisher Sisters Were Actresses & Joely Has Had Her Share of Battles

Joely Fisher has made many television appearances, including a stint on the TV series, Desperate Housewives. According to TV Guide, “In the ’90s, Fisher tackled a host of quirky guest spots and small big-screen parts before landing her breakout role as the self-centered buddy on Ellen DeGeneres’ first eponymous sitcom.” She played the role of Paige Clark on Ellen.

She has also starred in Cabaret on Broadway. Tricia Leigh Fisher is also an actress, although her roles are not as well known.

Joely’s life has been filled with struggles and perseverance, including battles with eating disorders, addiction, and stints in therapy. She later tried to make amends with her famous father.

5. Joely Called Carrie Fisher Her ‘Spiritual Guidance Counselor’

todd fisher, carrie fisher, carrie fisher death, debbie reynolds, joely fisher

HOLLYWOOD, CA – DECEMBER 07: (L-R) Actor Todd Fisher, actress Debbie Reynolds, actress Carrie Fisher, and actress Joely Fisher attend the premiere of the HBO Documentary “Wishful Drinking” at the Linwood Dunn Theater on December 7, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Getty)

Although they had different mothers, Joely and Carrie Fisher were close. Patch reported that Joely called the Princess Leia actress her “spiritual guidance counselor.”

Joely is the mother of five. She has three children and two stepsons with her husband, Christopher Duddy, who is a director and writer, Patch reported. Joely is also heavily involved in charitable organizations.

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