Kairo Whitfield – Sheree & Bob Whitfield’s Son’s DUI Arrest

Kairo Whitfield

Sheree and Bob Whitfield have three children together and one of them is son Kairo, who has been featured on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sheree has shown off and bragged about her good-looking son on the show, but this week, she deals with legal issues surrounding some of her son's actions. We are guessing it may be the DUI that Kairo was arrested for ... In a preview clip, Sheree talks about getting a call from her son in jail at 1 a.m. Sheree confronts her son, who tells her he was pulled over for expired tags and that he was pulled out of his car by police. Sheree also talks about her son smoking marijuana and is clearly disappointed. She also warns her son to be careful as a young black man because "anything can happen." For more information on Kairo, his DUI arrest and his parents Bob and Sheree, click through our gallery of his best photos. (Instagram)