‘Married By Mom & Dad’ Cast & Couples Season 2

"Married By Mom & Dad" Cast & Couples

On the show Married By Mom & Dad from the TLC Network, the parents of four participants evaluate candidates and choose a mate for their kid. Will these parents be able to pick the right person for their offspring? The official IMDb show synopsis reads: When all else fails, four singles seeking soul mates turn to people who know them best -- their parents -- in this series that features a contemporary take on voluntary arranged marriages. Unable to find long-term partners in a modern dating world, the participants allow mom and dad to vet potential future spouses before their kids meet them for the first time. The real work then begins as each single gets to know the partner's likes, dislikes, and everything in between. Prior to choosing a match, the parents go on dates and get together with different people to try to find the right wife or husband. For all the details on each of the cast members, click through our gallery for the rundown. (TLC)

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