Matt Terry, ‘X Factor UK’ 2016 Winner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Matt Terry has stolen the hearts of people everywhere this season on X Factor UK, and on Sunday evening, he was named the Season 13 winner!

The 23-year-old sailed through to the grand finals, and was projected by many news outlets to win the competition for weeks on end. Kylie Minogue, Little Mix, and Madness all performed live at Wembley Arena during Sunday’s grand finals, and Matt even released his debut single, called “When Christmas Comes Around”, written by Ed Sheeran.

Read on to learn more about Matt Terry.

1. He Auditioned for the Show After Being Dumped

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During his first audition for the show, Terry revealed that he had to leave his job in Bromley after splitting from his girlfriend of three years. He nervously told the judges, “I’ve recently come out of a relationship with my girlfriend and I’ve gone home, taken a little break from the area where my heartbreak’s concerned.” Terry then admitted that he was dumped, and his ex-girlfriend has since been identified as Jasmine Avis.

Towards the beginning of the season, rumors surfaced that Terry was secretly back with his ex-girlfriend. A source who identified himself as a close friend of Terry’s told the Daily Star, “Matt made a big thing about the fact he was a hopeless single and was left heartbroken during his first audition in front of the judges… She did split with him very briefly at one point but they’re currently very loved up and even living together in the same flat.”

Matt, however, denied the rumors, but says that he and his ex are broken up, but still good friends. Speaking with Reveal, Terry said, “We are not back together but we’re good friends and on good terms. We are from the same friendship group so we said, ‘Let’s be mature about this and not make it awkward for anyone else.'”

2. He’s a Waiter From Bromley

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Before auditioning for the show, Terry worked as a waiter in Bromley. He also attended D&B Performing Arts School in Kent, where he honed his vocal skills. Matt has told the judges time and time again that singing is what he loves to do. During his initial audition, the heartthrob said, “Music is my passion and it would be a dream come true to make it through. It’s why I’m here.”

3. Fans Have Speculated There Is Something Going on Between Him and Nicole Scherzinger

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After Terry found out he had made it through to the next of competition round on November 6, Scherzinger celebrated by wrapping her legs around the singer’s waist. Simon appeared alarmed by the situation, as were fans, who took to Twitter to comment on the embrace. Mirror reports one fan as writing, “just saw matt lifting nicole. their going to sing the flirtiest duet ever in the final.”

Leading up to the semifinals, Terry and Scherzinger were seen hanging out at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. But while the two have certainly gotten closer over the past few weeks, Matt says there’s no way they’re together. Last month, he told The Daily Mail, “She’s totally my type but sadly way out of my league!”

4. He Received Four Yes’ in His First Audition

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Terry’s first audition was to the song “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King, and his impressive performance earned four yes’ from the judges. Ryan Lawrie and Freddy Parker joined Terry in the final three. Performing in front of Scherzinger and guest Calvin Harris, Freddie Parker sang “Love Me Like You Do”, while Lawrie sang Hall & Oates “You Make My Dreams Come True”.

Matt has admitted that the attention he’s received from female fans over the past few weeks has been a bit overwhelming. Telly Mix reports him as saying, “Sometimes it’s really shocking… Like the other day we were at the house just watching TV and all of a sudden we just heard a car horn go. And inside the car was a group of girls who were swinging their underwear, saying, ‘We want Matt!'”

5. His Grandmother Is His Biggest Fan

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Matt brought his Nan to his first audition, and gushed about her after performing for the judges. After singing, Terry told the panel, “My Nan is always saying to me, ‘Come on Matty, you need to get on the X Factor and meet Simon Cowell.'” His grandma then praised her grandson, saying he was the “apple of my eye.”

But Terry’s Nan may be an even bigger fan of Simon Cowell! She flew all the way from Spain to see Simon. When Terry’s grandma ran in to congratulate her grandson after making it through to the next round, she raced up to Simon and hugged him. Simon then bid farewell to his “future girlfriend.”

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