‘Project Runway’ Season 15 Contestants: Meet the 4 Remaining Designers

"Project Runway" Season 15 Finale Contestants

Tonight is part 2 of the finale for season 15 of Project Runway and four designers are left in the mix. The official synopsis of tonight's show reads: The designers rush to put the final touches on their collection; four designers show their work at New York Fashion Week, but only one can be crowned as the winner; guest judge Zendaya joins the panel. When it comes to the contestants showing their collections at fashion week, it's not actually just the four finalists who get to put on a fashion show. Other contestants from the season have their collections show throughout the event also. This is done so that the audience members do not know the outcome of the season ahead of time. So, the attendees are unaware who the final four designers are when they attend the show. In any event, the four cast members who have made it to the end are Erin Robertson, Laurence Basse, Rik Villa and Roberi Parra. Get to know each of the remaining designers in our season 15 finale cast gallery. (Instagram/An_Erin)