‘Star Wars Rebels’: When Does the Show Return?

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Now that Star Wars Rebels is back on track with the Darth Maul storyline, you would think that the momentum would build. However, “Visions and Voices” was the show’s mid-season finale. Season three of the show does not resume until Saturday, January 7 at 8:30 p.m. ET on Disney XD.

That new episode, “Ghosts of Geonosis Part 1,” takes Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus and the rest of the Ghost crew to Geonosis, the planet where the Clone Wars began at the end of Attack of the Clones. “The crew returns to Geonosis in search of a missing rebel team sent to investigate suspicious activity there, and are surprised by what they find,” reads the episode description. The second part will air the following Saturday.

This might be one of the more important episodes in the series because it will give us a look at Geonosis between the end of the Clone Wars and the world we saw in Marvel’s Darth Vader comic.

In that series, Vader returned to Geonosis to see if any of the droid factories still had some droids left he could use for his own purposes. At that point, after the events of A New Hope, the Empire sterilized the world, killing nearly all of the Geonosians. (Those are the bug-like aliens we saw in Attack of the Clones.) What happened on Geonosis between the Clone Wars and Darth Vader will likely be answered in Rebels.

In “Visions and Voices,” Darth Maul brought Ezra to Dathomir, where he was raised by the Nightsisters. Maul used the dead sisters’ magic to unlock the visions they saw when Ezra and Maul combined the Jedi and Sith Holocrons in “Holocrons of Fate.”

Maul saw that Obi-Wan Kenobi was still alive, and Ezra saw that Obi-Wan was the answer to destroying the Sith. The visions told them that Obi-Wan was on a desert planet with two suns. Maul easily guessed that this was Tatooine, but since there are other planets with two suns, Ezra and Kanan have to figure that out on their own.

The episode also ended with Sabine picking up a Mandalorian Darksaber, which might hint at a larger role for Sabine in the second half of the season.

The decision to hold back new episodes of Rebels at this time is a good idea since most of us will still be focused on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which is now in theaters.

Also, Saw Gerrera, who was played by Forest Whitaker in Rogue One and was first seen in The Clone Wars, will appear in the new episode. Click here for a preview of Gerrera’s appearance. Whitaker will return to voice the character.

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