Who Won ‘The Voice’ Season 11 Tonight?

Tonight was full of performances from stars ranging from KISS to Bruno Mars to Ariana Grande on The Voice season 11 finale. But, what we’ve all been waiting to find out is the winner. So, who won tonight? The winner is … Sundance Head.

When We McDonald, Sundance Head, Billy Gilman and Josh Gallagher all gathered on stage to learn their fates, the person announced as being in fourth place was Gallagher. Last week on the show, Gallagher had to perform for America’s Instant Save in order to move on in the competition. Fortunately for him, he got America’s vote and was able to be a part of the final four.

We McDonald was then announced as being in third place. After a short commercial break, the results of the winner were delivered and it was down to country artist Sundance Head from Blake Shelton’s team, along with Adam Levine’s Billy Gilman. Sundance Head ended up with the win.

Check out Sundance Head’s original single in his official music video at the top of the post.

As for Billy Gilman, his original single “Because of Me,” was originally intended for Maroon 5, so it sounds like he lucked out with front-man Adam Levine being his coach. Check out Gilman’s performance of the beautiful ballad from yesterday’s part 1 of the finale in the below video.

And, for those of you who just cannot wait for next season, check out a preview of what’s in store below.


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