Tony Bennett’s Wife: Meet Susan Crow in Their Best Pictures Together

Susan Crow

Susan Crow was born September 9, 1966, which makes her 50 years old, and she married husband Tony Bennett in 2007. The couple shares a 40-year age difference as Bennett just celebrated his 90th birthday and the two are close to their 10-year mark of marriage. Bennett actually has his birthday special Tony Bennett Celebrates 90: The Best Is Yet to Come airing December 20, 2016 at 9 p.m. on NBC. Prior to meeting Crow, Bennett has been married twice, to Patricia Beech and then to actress Sandra Grant. When Susan Crow met Bennett in the 1980s, she was a school teacher, and the couple went on to carry out a longtime romance. The couple founded several organizations together including the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts and the Exploring the Arts charity. Bennett and Crow's wedding was a very simple, private ceremony, that was witnessed by former Governor Mario Cuomo in New York. The couple honeymooned in Italy and Bennett talked about his love in "The Good Life" by Will Friedwald, saying: It was a lucky day for me when I became acquainted with a beautiful lady, Susan Crow. She's happy, thoughtful, truthful, intelligent, and she comes from a terrific family. She's helped me balance my life, think straight, and become a healthy person. She has a special way about her that I've never found in anyone else. To get to know more about the couple, Bennett's prior relationships, his children and Susan Crow herself, click through our gallery of their best photos together. (Getty)




Just watched Tony Bennetts
Birthday show. Everybody was great except lady GA ga.
She acted like a real slut. She acted very strange. Why??
Weird!!! Why was she bent down by Stevie Wonder at the end?? I love her singing but tonight she was really out of her mind.


Wow! I thought Gaga was fabulous and pretty sexy too. Love her voice no matter what. Tony seemed almost moved to tears. Well to each his own.

Joyce Patire

I kept askin why was she bending over and grabring her skirt. I thought maybe she was imitating someone? Very, very strange. She was fine from the waist up!

K. Crowley

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